Part 8

Financial Instruments... Conclusion!

We know there is a lot in here, and this is by no means a comprehensive source. However, we wanted to create a valuable and interesting primer for all skill levels, and we hope that we’ve succeeded. Your satisfaction is paramount to us in this process, so please do not hesitate to provide your feedback and suggestions on future educational guides. We are here to guide you through markets, and we believe not enough of our competitors prioritize ensuring their members have access to timely and useful educational content.

Markets are intimidating, and it may seem like certain groups of people are the only ones capable of succeeding in them. If you learn nothing else from our research, we hope that you do see the truth about markets. They are the great equalizer in some ways. One man’s purchase at the right time is just as good as major banks, although major sources of unfair advantage undoubtedly still exist. Still, the arc of history has been greater access, greater liquidity, and greater diversity of assets and instruments available to the retail investor.

 The meme stock phenomenon has been controversial, and not all of its impacts are known to us in this period of change. One thing is clear, though; individual investors can get their share of alpha and even significantly outperform the big guys. At FSinsight, we genuinely are interested in leveling this playing field and imparting our deep experience in knowledge to you as you admirably chart a course toward a brighter financial future.

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