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All of our research reports explained to help you navigate the financial markets.

Mon, Wed, Fri

Start your day with the First Word, a detailed note containing must-know data points to keep you informed on key events impacting markets.

What to expect from the First Word

  • Tom Lee, our Head of Research, and his team provide updates three times a week on markets and analysis of vital financial headlines.
  • We monitor Covid-19, GeoPolitical events, and market data and compress all this into an easy-to-read letter that will help you understand moves in the market.
  • Whether you are a passive or active investor, this is an essential briefing to start your day the same way banks and hedge funds do
Based On Market Events

The Intraday Word provides clarity when financial markets have made a move or an event has occurred that, in our judgment, should be addressed in real-time to help our subscribers stay ahead of the curve

What to expect from the Intraday Word

  • One of the most unique items our subscription offers is an opportunity to receive real-time, highly actionable market guidance DIRECTLY from Tom Lee as extraordinary market conditions arise.
  • When there are rapid developments in the market, such as a highly volatile move, or an exciting inflection point, we like to help our subscribers by providing live commentary with an Intraday Word.

This note examines investments based on technical trends and identifies opportunities in price trends and chart patterns

What to expect from Technical Strategy

  • Mark Newton, our Head of Technical Strategy, brings in-depth analysis and context on the technical forces impacting markets.
  • Using charts and data, Mark studies past prices to predict future price action, while providing tactical opportunities and actionable signals.
  • One of our chief goals is to offer technical analysis to retail investors, leveling the playing field and empowering our subscribers with institutional-grade information.
Weekly on Tuesday

Wall Street Whispers provides exclusive insight into the most recent commentary and questions posed by top institutional investors

What to expect from Wall Street Whispers

  • Our Head of Global Portfolio Strategy, Brian Rauscher, summarizes the interactions and concerns of our institutional clients, whom are some of the most prestigious investors in the world.
  • Brian provides the key questions of the week that he is being asked by the investing community along with his responses.
  • Wall Street Whispers is a high-level look at markets through the eyes of the most informed and dynamic investors on the Street. It is your chance to hear what is keeping the pros up at night!
Released Weekly

This report monitors the Federal Reserve monetary policy and key speeches that might affect the equity markets

What to expect from Fed Watch

  • Fed Watch summarizes how actions by the Federal Reserve drive asset prices and change the macro economic landscape of the USA.
  • Fed Watch consolidates statements and relies on many sources to give you superb, timely, and actionable analyses of the world’s most influential central bank.
Released Weekly

The US Policy publication provides an update on developments in Washington DC and how they may impact Wall Street and the overall equity market

What to expect from US Policy

  • Tom Block, formerly Global Head of Government Relations at JP Morgan, delivers his valuable perspective informed by decades working at the intersection of the political and the financial worlds.
  • Worried about taxes? Want to know how potential new laws in Congress may affect your investments? You’ll find answers here.
Released Bi-Weekly

The Signal from Noise highlights timely market themes and sectors with corresponding stocks, cutting through the day-to-day market “noise” for a distinct perspective.

How To Use Signal From Noise

  • Go beyond day-to-day market news and headlines and an in-depth look at key market themes and sectors to obtain a clear view of the whole investment picture.
  • No matter your risk profile or time horizon, SFN assists investors to zoom out and stay focused on the principles that matter the most.
Released Weekly

In case you missed any of our publications during the week, we have assembled a weekly summary of the most important market events and research for your weekend reading

What to expect from the Weekly Roadmap

  • Wall Street Debrief: A summary of the week’s key market events through the lens of our major investment theses.
  • View from Tom Lee: Tom Lee speaks directly to investors and highlights key points from his daily notes to summarize the week.
  • Technical Strategy: Technical analysis is one area where retail investors may typically have a disadvantage. We try to level the field.
  • Fed Watch: A summary and analysis of important events in US Central Banking and their implications for asset prices.
  • US Policy: Tom Block provides you with the latest insights from Washington pertinent to financial markets through an insider's lens.
Released Daily During Earnings Season

This note provides investors with a myriad of useful metrics to measure the progress of earnings season

What to expect from Earnings Daily

  • This can be your ‘one-stop-shop’ for aggregate information on earnings.
  • We monitor developments in earnings by tracking earnings growth, sales growth and the magnitude of surprise by sector.

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