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This page will try to explain everything to our FS Insight members about how to use all our crypto research for your digital assets.

FS Insight’s crypto research empowers you to develop your own investing thesis and take ownership over your future by using digital assets to build generational wealth. After all, ownership is one of the core tenets of crypto.

Our crypto research experts were early adopters and are well-versed in navigating the crypto ecosystem. They fuse scarce insights from this emerging asset class with a diverse range of legacy market experience to create a powerful set of tools and actionable recommendations for both novices and experienced investors. Access to our research enables you to think like a digital assets expert and master the crypto market like a professional.


Each week, the digital assets team extracts signals from the deluge of market noise. Their in-depth market strategy reports include thoughts on market direction, explanations of market events, insights about where major risks might be hiding, and analysis of where the alpha opportunities in the digital assets market are – a centralized source of actionable information for a broad range of crypto investors.

What to expect from the Crypto Strategy

  • Sean Farrell and the rest of the team summarize the week’s most impactful market events and conditions affecting Bitcoin, Ethereum, and the rest of the crypto ecosystem.
  • The team aggregates macro, on-chain, derivatives, and qualitative data to provide investors with their insights on the week’s movements and trends.
  • The Weekly editions often feature a discussion of alpha opportunities that go beyond more widely known large-cap buy-and-hold strategies.
  • Crypto Strategy also helps to keep readers informed of any changes to our large-cap Core Strategy (more on this below).
Rebalanced At Analyst’s Discretion

A powerful tool designed to help crypto investors build a crypto portfolio that outperforms the industry’s king – bitcoin – regardless of market conditions. The FSI Crypto team leverages their crypto expertise and ongoing analysis of macro, on-chain, and market data to craft an allocation strategy that can help investors manage the crypto portion of their investment portfolios.

How to Use the Crypto Core Strategy

  • The strategy incorporates stablecoins, bitcoin, and select altcoins that have been selected from the largest by circulating market cap and then carefully assessed by the crypto team.
  • The Crypto Core Strategy also helps investors better understand the team’s views on risk in the markets: A higher allocation of stablecoins in the strategy indicates that the team is feeling risk averse, while a lower allocation indicates that the team believes the time is right to seek out beta.
  • The alt-coin allocation in this strategy can also be used as an assessment of the team’s views on this segment of the crypto ecosystem. Watch this allocation to gauge whether the team believes “alt season” is approaching or not.
Mon, Tue, Wed, Thur, Fri

The Crypto Market Update provides daily commentary, technical analysis, a snapshot of key data points, and the most important headlines in crypto curated by our crypto analysts.

What to expect from the Crypto Market Update

  • Sean Farrell, Head of Digital Assets, and the rest of the digital assets team provide daily commentary on the most salient stories and metrics of the day.
  • Mark Newton, Head of Technical Strategy, provides daily technical analysis on the most popular cryptoassets and crypto-related equities.
  • The daily Market Update relays critical market data via a digestible dashboard and aggregates top crypto news stories so you can easiliy stay on top of the latest developments in the industry.

A recurring research note focused on delivering unique insights into high-risk investment opportunities within the crypto ecosystem, primarily centered on early-stage or small-cap tokens.

What to expect from Liquid Ventures

  • The service aims to unearth promising crypto projects poised for significant growth, with a typical standard time horizon of 12 months or more, though some of these might be adaptable to certain shorter-term situations.
  • The team constantly assesses the thousands of early-stage token to identify those with the most potential, laying out their reasoning to help investors learn what to look for.
  • These long-only ideas will be presented by Walter Teng and the rest of the Crypto team on a periodic basis depending on the current opportunities in the market, but members should expect biweekly or monthly ideas.
Weekly on Friday

Often, the best way to understand where the industry is heading is to follow the money. Funding Friday aims to bring you up to speed on the latest deals in the crypto industry. Get up to speed on the latest in crypto capital markets and discover emerging projects before they reach the mainstream.

What to expect from Funding Fridays

  • We collect and analyze deal data from countless sources to bring our clients the latest venture deals, token sales, M&A, and capital-markets deals for crypto projects and companies.
  • The crypto team provides a breakdown of the most active subsectors (NFTs, DeFi, Metaverse, etc.) in the space and the most active investors for the preceding week. It features a “Deal of the Week,’ which is a nod to the transaction we find to be the most integral to the industry for the week.

We periodically provide in-depth research on the leading protocols, companies, and funds shaping the crypto ecosystem.

What to expect from Deep Research

  • The digital assets team provides granular breakdowns on the leading platforms based on technology, market positioning, value propositions, and risks.
  • The team also releases reports on emerging crypto funds, providing clients with insight into unique investment strategies and emerging investment opportunities.

The digital assets ecosystem doesn’t just evolve – it expands. This biweekly report covers the hottest trends across crypto, discussing where the industry is heading and potential market implications.

What to expect from Concepts

  • The digital assets team conducts a thorough analysis of topical crypto subjects, discussing market size, growth catalysts, industry players, and potential roadblocks. The result is not just directly actionable information, but also evergreen market insights.
  • The crypto industry moves rapidly, often in novel directions. Concepts seeks to address the latest or upcoming crypto “narratives” to consistently keep members ahead of the curve.

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