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This page will try to explain everything to our FSInsight members about how our stock lists work and how you can get the most out of our picks.

Rebalanced Quarterly

Provides investors with stock ideas contained in at least 2 out 6 thematic investment strategies that aim to outperform the S&P 500

How To Use Granny Shots

  • Strategic themes are longer term (3-5 years), tactical stocks themes are shorter term (6-12 months).
  • Additions and deletions to Granny Shots are not buy/sell signals per se.
  • For long term investing, consider strategic stocks, for shorter term, consider tactical stocks.
Rebalanced Monthly

Outperform the S&P 500 by actively managing one’s sector exposure without taking on additional portfolio risk

How To Use FSI Sector Allocation

  • To follow this strategy the investor can follow the overweight forecast by buying the underlying ETF of the sector.
  • Visit the Tools section of the FSI Sector Allocation to calculate your proposed allocation into this strategy.
  • Example for XLE (Energy Sector): An increase from 2.9% (S&P Weight) to 3.5% (FSI Sector Weight) is an increase of 20% over its original weight of the S&P 500.
Revised Periodically

These are stocks which were at the "epicenter" of the destruction wrought by the COVID-19 Pandemic and have the greatest operating leverage to take advantage of the reopening

How To Use Epicenter Trifecta

  • Overweight approval (OW) from the "Trifecta" of three factors: (i) Quantitative models, (ii) Global strategy and (iii) Technical strategy.
  • A name will remain on the list if it still has at least 2 OWs out of the 3 factors.
  • A name will be removed from the list if it drops down to only 1 OW out of the 3 factors.
  • Power Epicenter: provides investors with a consolidated list of Epicenter stocks filtered for the names that are poised to strongly outperform the index

Violence in the USA

Revised Periodically

Stock list that provides companies that are involved in some aspect of corporate or personal security

How To Use Violence in the USA

  • These are not recommendations or signals to buy or sell. Just a reference list for security stocks.
Released Weekly

Highlights a company that is considerably different than its peers with an in-depth analysis of the company’s financials, future objectives, market positioning and possible outcomes

How To Use Signal From Noise

  • Not a direct buy/sell signal.
  • A "Signal from Noise" sheds light on companies that appear to have superior metrics over their peers and may offer greater opportunity for alpha.

Entry and Target Prices

We do not provide entry and price targets for our recommended stocks. Each investor has their own risk profile, time horizon and investment objective and this has to be taken into consideration when entering a position from our lists.

We prefer the terminology of adding or reducing exposure. We may also refer to being ‘overweight’ (OW) or ‘underweight’ (UW). These two terms mean more or less than what the ‘market-weight’ is. If stock x is 1% of the index and it is 4% of your portfolio then you are overweight.

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