Stock Lists Guide

This page will try to explain everything to our FS Insight members about how our stock lists work and how you can get the most out of our picks.

Rebalanced Quarterly

Provides investors with stock ideas contained in at least 2 out 6 thematic investment strategies that aim to outperform the S&P 500

How To Use Granny Shots

  • Strategic themes are longer term (3-5 years), tactical stocks themes are shorter term (6-12 months).
  • Additions and deletions to Granny Shots are not buy/sell signals.
  • For long term investing, consider strategic stocks, for shorter term, consider tactical stocks.
Rebalanced Monthly

Outperform the S&P 500 by actively managing one’s sector exposure without taking on additional portfolio risk

How To Use FSI Sector Allocation

  • The Sector Allocation strategy empowers investors to tailor our evidence-based research to their needs and preferences, suitable for both shorter and longer time horizons and both active and passive approaches.
  • The strategy combines Tom Lee’s sophisticated macroeconomic research with Mark Newton’s in-depth technical analysis in a clear, consistent manner designed to enable investors to understand the basis for our recommendations – and intelligently decide how best to integrate them into their own portfolio management.
  • Investors can use the strategy to allocate funds to sector-specific ETFs, or apply the recommendations to adjust individual stockholdings in their portfolios.
Revised Monthly

Uses technical analysis to identify names in the S&P 500 that offer attractive risk/reward opportunities – typically stocks that are at or near 52-week highs and show excellent technical structure and little evidence of technical deterioration.

How To Use Upticks

  • The names on this list are more likely to be tactical-long opportunities than buy-and-hold candidates. The duration for names on this list tends to be from four to six weeks.
  • Technical resistance and support levels are provided as a guideline for investors who wish to use them. If and when an Uptick name reaches its resistance level, the potential for additional upside will be assessed and resistance will be adjusted if warranted. Stocks that fall below support without having first hit resistance will be removed without further discussion.
  • It should be noted that the names on this list are 100% technically derived, with no consideration given to the fundamentals of the underlying issuer.

Entry and Target Prices

We do not provide entry and price targets for our recommended stocks. Each investor has their own risk profile, time horizon and investment objective and this has to be taken into consideration when entering a position from our lists.

We prefer the terminology of adding or reducing exposure. We may also refer to being ‘overweight’ (OW) or ‘underweight’ (UW). These two terms mean more or less than what the ‘market-weight’ is. If stock x is 1% of the index and it is 4% of your portfolio then you are overweight.

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Write to our team who can help you better understand how to invest based on our research.

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