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The crypto market offers investors a way to trade on large macro trends and achieve venture-style returns in a public, liquid market. Our goal is to assist investors in making sound decisions by offering actionable research that combines macro, technical, and crypto expertise.

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What to expect from FS Insight’s Crypto Research

Our crypto research experts were early adopters and are well-versed in navigating the crypto ecosystem. They fuse scarce insights from this emerging asset class with a diverse range of legacy market experience to create a powerful set of tools and actionable recommendations for both novices and experienced investors. Access to our research enables you to think like a digital assets expert and master the crypto market like a professional.

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Macro & Stocks Research

Lead by Tom Lee, our macro equity research gives you all the information availabel to banks and hedge funds to you!

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Hear from our Reseach Heads directly over monthly webinars.

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Receive intraday commentary of market developments from our research heads about important events.

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What Our Clients Say!

Tom and Fsinsight team are like the FAANG of newsletters. You can always depend on them to provide above market returns. Tom you many not be “the drummer” but you rock!

An amazing call on the CPI. Watching you dissect the components of CPI and explaining why your team arrived at 2.0% was quite awesome. My hat's off to you and the team. Well worth the membership since your posts provided the reassurance I needed coming into today! 🙏🙏

Thanks @fundstrat and team @fs_insight again for a great call. Subscription will pay for itself!

I won't get tired of repeating this, I kept accumulating throughout 2022, even when doom and gloom was the forecast. I kept reading @fundstrat research; it made sense to me even though I looked like a fool... Now I'm thankful to @fs_insight

Unlock Exclusive Research Previously Limited to Banks and Hedge Funds...

Our Research

Crypto Strategy

Each week, the digital assets team extracts signals from the deluge of market noise. Their in-depth market strategy reports include thoughts on market direction, explanations of market events, insights about where major risks might be hiding, and analysis of where the alpha opportunities in the digital assets market are – a centralized source of actionable information for a broad range of crypto investors.

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  • A weekly summary on the most impactful market developments and how they shape the investment outlook for Bitcoin, Ethereum, and major digital assets.
  • Unique macro-economic and on-chain insights to drive outperformance .
  • Event driven trade opportunities and handpicked long-term allocations featuring Fundstrat’s Core Strategy portfolio.

Latest Publish Report

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Tom Lee

Head of Research

Fri March 1

RESEND: Bitcoin ETF Equilibrium Price Dynamics: ETF likely to drive significant rise in daily demand

BY POPULAR DEMAND, WE ARE RE-SENDING THIS BITCOIN PRICE IMPACT OF SPOT ETF REPORT FROM JULY 24, 2023 The Bitcoin spot ETF was finally approved. And we are seeing the surge in price of Bitcoin because of...

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Latest Media

Crypto Video

Feb 29, 2024

Adding DePIN Exposure and SOL Beta Through HNT (Core Strategy Rebalance)

In today's video, we discuss the acceleration of Bitcoin ETF flows, leading us to believe there is more near-term upside, the investment thesis for the Helium Network, and how the Coinbase outage is an encouraging sign for retail activity returning. https://vimeo. com/918165913/aa34b30b3d? share=copy


Crypto Video

Feb 27, 2024

Animal Spirits Return to DOGE

In today's video, we chat about the Coinbase premium, what the return of animal spirits could mean for DOGE, what funding rates suggest about current market froth, and a potentially overlooked detail about Coinbase's balance sheet. https://vimeo. com/917322732/6f734173c8? share=copy


Recent Research

Andre Francois Mckenzie Uw3VwkDHiMI Unsplash

BTC to New ATH Market Cap, Negative ETF Flows on Friday (But There's a Twist)

Crypto Market Update
Sean Farrell
Sean Farrell

Head of Crypto Strategy

Electronic Computer Processor Board

RESEND: Bitcoin ETF Equilibrium Price Dynamics: ETF likely to drive significant rise in daily demand

Crypto Strategy
Tom Lee
Tom Lee

Co-founder and Head of Research

Interoperability Becoming a Major Focus

Interoperability Becoming a Major Focus

Crypto Funding Fridays
Tom Couture
Tom Couture

Vice President of Crypto Strategy

Invesco ditches its plan to launch a US bitcoin futures ETF any time soon, just before the first-ever makes its debut

IBIT Fastest ETF to $10 Billion, Blast Finally Launches

Crypto Market Update
Sean Farrell
Sean Farrell

Head of Crypto Strategy

Asset Coverage

Our coverage of crypto assets is thoughtfully curated based on analyst discretion, but will encompass over 90% of the investable crypto market.

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