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Philosopher: And what kind of business is this about which I have often heard people talk but which I neither understand nor have made efforts to comprehend? And I have found no book that deals with the subject and makes apprehension easier.
Shareholder: I really must say you are an ignorant person, friend Greybeard, if you know nothing of this enigmatic business [stocks] which is at once the fairest and most deceitful in Europe, the noblest and the most infamous in the world, the finest and the most vulgar on earth. It is a quintessence of academic learning and a paragon of fraudulence; it is a touchstone for the intelligent and a tombstone for the audacious, a treasury of usefulness and a source of disaster, and finally a counterpart of Sisyphus who never rests as also of Ixion who is chained to a wheel that turns perpetually.
Confusion of Confusions, Joseph de le Vega, 1688

Welcome to FS Insight. We are honored and humbled that you have selected us to help you navigate markets. Markets are the great equalizer, and many who are used to getting straight A's in school get all F's in markets. As the quote above from the aptly titled first book about markets suggests, they have been confounding and enriching humankind for centuries. They can, of course, bring ruin as well.

The above quote is a parody of how many newcomers to investing feel when bombarded with the new jargon and intimidating graphs that can turn people off. However, as the shareholder elaborates, it becomes clear that even he is vexed by what he claims to be an expert on. Markets are intimidating and challenging. Jargon can be confusing. Don’t let these things deter you. At FS Insight, we believe investors can successfully compete and even outperform the big guys when armed with the right information.

Please take a moment, sit back, and carefully read our introduction as we outline the most valuable way to interact with our research and products at FS Insight.

You will begin receiving publications from our industry-leading research team, including Tom Lee, FS Insight's Co-Founder and Head of Research, our Global Head of Portfolio Strategy, and our Global Head of Technical Strategy, among others like our Policy Director Tom Block and our Digital Assets Director. Each research team provides their individualized interpretation of the market across multiple periods and fresh ideas that may present profitable opportunities.

Not every idea is actionable for all investors. Our mission/goal is to present you with data-driven research and ideas to help you meet your unique investment goals and time horizon. We want to assist you in developing an informed and successful investment strategy.

Providing a Broader Market View!

Our team of diverse researchers contributes to our offerings using their own models and views. We believe this generates a diverse set of investment ideas. We view this diversity of opinion as a strength, although we also understand it can require additional clarification.

Rather than try to make our research fit a pre-existing narrative, we give our research team complete independence. This results in a broader market view from different angles and timeframes for you. We may recommend a stock for the long-term but simultaneously issue analysis showing the name is tactically overstretched.

On occasion, like the example above, you may see our researchers view the market differently or even have opposing views. It is typical for researchers to use different methodologies to arrive at different conclusions. We're always available to explain our respective views and why they may diverge if you ask our dedicated customer service team.

There's No Accounting For Taste

Our research can be viewed as a set of tools, empowering you to create your own investing thesis. We aim to give you a steady flow of macro-oriented market research and high-alpha ideas. None of these are guaranteed to perform, and we'd advise always conducting additional due diligence before making purchases.

Ultimately you take this risk, and we do not share in your gains or losses. We do not have a good idea of your personal goals, beliefs, and time horizon for investing. Therefore you should view our tools as assisting you in building your unique investing strategy, not dictating it. You are the CEO of your investing strategy. We are just here to help you be the best CEO you can be!

Don't Put All Your Eggs In One Basket!

Sometimes basic investing principles are codified in everyday sayings like the one above. The basic premise of the above expression is never to be too concentrated. In a word, it is suggesting diversification.

All of our recommendations are suggested in the context of being added to a diversified portfolio that spreads your risk. If someone takes too much exposure to any one of our recommendations, like having a 100% allocation to crypto, then they are not behaving in line with the spirit of our product.

Consider our index targets (see below), what sectors we think will perform best, what sectors we are underweight on, and the weight of that sector as represented by the S&P 500. Every portfolio is unique, but as a rule of thumb, it is a good idea to stay close to the weights of the index to manage risk and volatility better.

Again, this depends on what YOU are trying to accomplish, your risk appetite, and your investment time frame. We want you to understand that our recommendations are always made within the context of best investing practices like maintaining diverse exposure in your portfolio.

So, if you hear that we like Energy and you loaded up on short-dated call options, then you weren't really following our advice. We are big believers in letting the benefits of equity ownership accrue for you over time.

Stocks have been excellent investments and hedges against inflation throughout most of history.

"The stock market is a device for transferring money from the impatient to the patient."
Warren Buffet

Always remember this quote when acting on our investment content.

Stock Lists

We provide timely macro research as well as several stock lists. Our stock lists are not portfolios, although we may sometimes measure their performance in a similar way. We have various stock lists with different selection methodologies—be sure to read our descriptions of how we select our lists!

Please take the time to peruse our stock lists thoroughly and to ensure anything you buy aligns with your personal time horizon and strategy. Past performance is never a guarantee of future results. Because our research is continuous, be aware of your own entry and exit prices.

We don't issue exit or entry prices because we serve various audiences, from banks and hedge funds to first-time retail investors. Many factors may affect your time horizon, like taxes or a financial goal like saving for your children's education. Our team is always available to answer further questions you may have!

Market Outlook and Crypto Webinars

Lastly, we'd highly suggest viewing our webinars to hear directly from our principals. Subscribers have found it brings transparency to differing views and adds a splash of color to our research with a more approachable format.

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You Are Now Part of Something Bigger Than Just a Research Service

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