Presidential Debate Approaching, Powell to Testify

Congress was not in session this week, as both chambers took time off for the Juneteenth federal holiday.  The Senate will also be out next week, but the House returns on Tuesday. The House is likely to continue attempting to pass federal spending bills, with the goal of passing all 12 before the July 4th break.

Next week will see the first Presidential debate of the 2024 cycle.  It will be the first time that the presumptive Presidential nominees of the two major parties meet in a debate prior to their official nominations at their respective National Conventions.  Both candidates will be spending the coming days preparing for the nationally televised debate, which will be aired on CNN.

The Federal Reserve Board announced that Chair Jerome Powell will give his semi-annual report to Congress in July.  Powell will appear before the Senate Banking Committee on July 9, and then give the same testimony before the House Financial Services Committee the next day on July 10.  These appearances always have the potential to produce market-moving headlines.

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