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October 25

Key Takeaways Democrats appear to be closing in on deal that will include a $2T Build Back Better (BBB) proposal, and secure passage of $1T bipartisan infrastructure deal. President Biden has played a key role in bringing progressive and moderate Democrats together on the deal....

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October 22

Closing In On A Deal

The week ends with growing signals from DC that Democrats are closing in on a deal to pass the President’s Build Back Better (BBB) program under the Budget Reconciliation process, and also approve the $1T bipartisan infrastructure bill that has passed the Senate and awaits action in the House. The...

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October 18

Congress returns, Biden agenda languishes and deadlines loom

Key Takeaways Congress passed debt ceiling increase, new “drop dead” date on default hard to estimate. Biden agenda continues to be stymied by disagreements between Democrats: progressives vs moderates. Pelosi needs to work out a deal with Senate as she doesn’t want swing district members to vote on programs that...

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October 15

Congress Returns Next Week

The House returned for one day, Tuesday, to pass the $480B increase in the debt ceiling, the legislation then went to the White House where President Biden signed it. Treasury estimates that the new ceiling should carry the Department until early December, but calculating the cash flows of the US...

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October 11

Crisis averted but troubles loom

Key Takeaways Senate passed $480B increase in debt ceiling averting default, House returns on Tuesday to pass bill, Treasury estimates new deadline pushed until early December. To pass ceiling increase required 10 Republican votes to invoke cloture and stop the Republican filibuster.  Leader McConnell led the effort, voted for cloture,...

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October 8

Dodging Bullets

Last week the Congress dodged a government shutdown by passing a Continuing Resolution (CR) that funded the government until December 3. With an October 18 date for a US Government default the Senate passed a $480T increase in the government debt ceiling and the House is expected to pass the...

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October 1

DC Dysfunction Continued

On Thursday the House and Senate passed a Continuing Resolution (CR) and sent it to the White House pushing the government shutdown deadline from October 1, until December 3. The hope is that in the next two months Congress can agree on spending for the various departments of government and...

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September 27

Week of deadlines with Biden’s agenda on the line

Key Takeaways October 1 is the deadline to pass legislation to fund federal government and stop government shutdown. Headline risk Monday night when the Senate will vote on House passed funding and debt limit bill. 60 votes required, but vote will be 51 to 50. This will be seen as...

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September 24

DC Mess Continues

While the midnight deadline on Friday October 1 is quickly approaching there seem to be some signs of movement to prevent a government shutdown, but like everything in DC, it will be ugly. For show on Monday the Senate will try to invoke cloture and consider the House passed CR/Debt...

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September 20

Train Wreck or Fiscal Cliff - Pick an Analogy

Key Takeaways Congress faces three deadlines: September 27– promised date to pass infrastructure, government shutdown October 1, and debt ceiling deadline in October. Infrastructure: Speaker Pelosi promised moderate House Democrats a vote on Senate passed infrastructure package by September 27 but some signs now point to a postponement of the...

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September 17

The Cliff Is Approaching

The week ends with Congress no closer to a strategy of how to avoid the approaching fiscal cliff caused by the need to pass a funding bill by October 1 and take some action on the debt ceiling which poses the threat of a US Government default without action. Two...

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