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Washington continues to struggle to find a resolution of the debt ceiling, which threatens to cause a meltdown of financial markets if the United States doesn’t pay all its bills.  Last week witnessed on and off talks between House Republicans and the White House.  Friday morning the Republicans paused the talks for lack of progress, but then the negotiations were restarted by Friday evening only to be stopped again on Saturday and restarted last night.

Sunday, as President Biden was headed back from the G7 talks in Japan he and Speaker McCarthy talked and agreed that they would have another one-on-one meeting at the White House today.  Both sides implied that the phone conversation was positive and that defaulting was not acceptable.  However, both sides appear to be far apart with no real exit strategy for this self-inflicted crisis.

Last week Democrats started the arcane process of filing a discharge petition, which is a tool in the House rules that allows a bill to come to the House floor without the support of the Speaker. But there is one big catch – it requires the signature of 218 House members and with the current line up of 222 Rs and 213 Ds that is not going to happen.  During my days as a House aide I worked for a Member who was a c...

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