Well, Congress returns to session after a two-week spring break. Too bad the rest of us don’t get such a break.

In any event, Democrats, who control the House, will have to see if they can negotiate their differences on impeachment of President Donald Trump.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi would rather have the focus move to core Democratic issues and plans to have a meeting, joined by Senator Schumer, with the President to see if they can find any common ground on an infrastructure program both the Democrats and the President have promised.

Infrastructure, like prescription drugs, is an issue where the more populist Trump sounds a lot like a Democrat than a traditional Republican. However, election-year politicking might make finding an agreement a challenge.

Trade, of course, will remain a focus. The Administration concluded talks with Japan as the two nations are in the early stages of a bilateral trade deal and the President last week announced his intention to meet with Chinese President Xi possibly in June.

Like all the other signs this seems to indicate that China and the US are closing in on a trade deal to stop the escalating tariffs between the two. This will be good news for markets.

One the political front the entrance of Senator Joseph Biden into the Democratic primary field likely rounds out the list of contenders. Time will tell whether or not Biden reached his high water mark the day he announced, or if he can navigate the primary process in a Party that is moving leftward.

Congress remains far from a budget plan for the new fiscal year that begins October 1.

Congress Returns: Will Trump Be Impeached?
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