COVID-19 UPDATE: Daily cases surge >200,000, but data NOISY due to holiday. More than 3/4 of Growth outperformance since 2007 is valuation expansion.

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STRATEGY: Vast majority (>80) of Growth outperformance to Value is multiple expansion
As markets finish the first week of December, overall trends in both financial markets and even macro are mostly positive.  Here are some 'half-full' factors:

- COVID-19 is still expanding Wave 3, but at a much slower pace
- Stimulus before year-end back on the table
- Vaccine getting REAL
- Positive seasonals --> history says 100% of time December rally (see other notes) if YTD 10%-15% (check)
- Asia booming
- VIX sinking, steadily and ready to fall below 20
- USD crashing = bullish risk assets 

So you can see, there are multiple tailwinds for risk assets at the moment.  But COVID-19 cases are still rising.  They are somewhat distorted this week as there are many "payback" cases, that would have been reported last week, but Thanksgiving delayed it.  Nevertheless, US COVID-19 cases blasted past 200,000 today.  And look at the figures for states with the biggest gains:

- NY state hit nearly 10,000 cases today, it was like <1,000 for most of the Summer

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Source: COVID-19 Tracking Project and FundstratSo Wave 3 continues and this is not good.  And a reason for everyone to remain vigilant, even with COVID-19 fatigue....

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