COVID-19 UPDATE: US daily cases less linear, closing in on parabolic. 6 states (wave 3) ~60% rise in cases. Waiting for panic to stem surge.

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STRATEGY: 3 trading days into election day... 21 trading hours of agonyA state of COVID-19 in 8 bullets:- COVID-19 rising in Northern hemisphere --> US and Europe- COVID-19 fading in Southern hemisphere --> Latin America and India- Europe cases are rising parabolically- US cases are rising linearly- Wave 3 in US is encompassing 20 states that were unscathed in wave 1 and wave 2- Within wave 3, 6 states are driving surge --> WI, IL, ID, ND, SD, UT, or WIINSU for short - As US cases reach new highs, US daily deaths are steadily falling. - COVID-19 is unforecastable and the future is uncertain So in a nutshell, COVID-19 is spreading and much worse in Europe.  Yet, mortality is falling.  The skeptics would say mortality is low because the virus is making its way to the vulnerable cohorts (lag).  Others would point to the "deadwood" issue and many of the vulnerable have already been killed. Therapeutics are far better.  And mitigation is better.  But the key issue is avoiding the level of policymaker panic that would lead to broad economic shutdowns.Many experts view the Europe surge as a prelude to a wave coming to the US.  This was certainly true in March of thi...

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