COVID-19 UPDATE. NY state cases plunge, US seems past apex on cases. Regarding re-start, it is about "wealthy Americans" and thus, epicenter better risk/reward

Once again, we realize that many people need to keep up with COVID-19 developments, particularly since we are moving into the more critical stage ("restart economy"), so feel free to share our commentary to anyone who has interest.

Good chance the US is already "past the apex" in new cases... even ex-NY state, cases lowest since 4/5/2020
We realize that data quality early in the week can be affected by weekend closures, thus Monday data is subject to revision, and thus, we should not draw too many conclusions.  But there appears to be sustained downward move in the US reported daily new cases.

- Total daily new cases is 24,948, the lowest level since 3/31/2020 and ~10,000 below the 34,550 reported a week ago.

- One might suggest this fall-off is solely due to NY state (Cuomo suggested today NY is past peak).  But even US ex-NY (second chart) shows a similar trend.

- Ex-NY, total cases were 18,611, the lowest since 4/5/2020 and ~5,000 below the 24,000 seen a week ago.

The video in this report is only accessible to members
The video in this report is only accessible to members
The implications, if true, are two-fold: - first, the US healthcare crisis is tracking above the base case of the White House (cases peaking this week, but appears the peak is behind us) and thus, the utilization of healthcare resources is lower, overall deaths should be lower and fewer American lives a...

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