COVID-19 UPDATE: Daily case trends are identical whether in counties won by Clinton or Trump in 2016

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The Republican National Convention is this week and a week where the Republicans will control the message and the agenda.  So, it is obviously an important week.  Among the key messaging issues is the COVID-19 crisis.  From my vantage point, I think the White House did make some smart moves early, including closing borders.  And only history will tell us whether the actions of the US were appropriate.  But given the surge in cases in Europe, I think those who think Europe did a "better job" will have to rethink that if Europe cases start to surpass the US.

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Our Policy Strategist, Tom Block, gave us his perspective on the RNC night 1.  He thinks the Republicans spent too much time appealing to the base, rather than reaching out to the middle.  But this is only night 1.

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There has been quite a lot of politicization of COVID-19 spread, with a lot of fingerpointing on each side. And issues like masks, economic restrictions, back to school and other issues at the heart of the political debate.  Our data scientist, tireless Ken, decided to look at whether COVID-19 trends were truly different, based upon whether a county voted for Clinton (D) or Trump (R) in 2016.&nbs...

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