COVID-19 UPDATE: With F-CAT peaking, 9 states near new highs (15% of US, vs 30% F-CAT). Total USA cases adjusted 55,000 down from 59,000 last Sunday

Click HERE to access the FSInsight COVID-19 Daily Chartbook.The trend in US daily COVID-19 cases is improving, after plateauing about two weeks ago, we are seeing a sustained decline in COVID-19 cases nationally and also within the four states that are the current epicenter, FL, CA, AZ, TX, or F-CAT.  So, the 8-week surge from early June to July is now over.  But investors seem to be weighing a host of new issues, even as US COVID-19 cases are peaking:- Will other states see a relapse/resurgence?- What about "back to school"?- CARES Act is moving slowly but not at pace market wants;- 2020 elections is proving to be a contested race;- MLB is seeing renewed outbreaks and postponed 33 games already, only a few weeks into the season;- Is the vaccine safe and will enough Americans take it?We discuss some of these topics in this commentary. As we move further into summer, we are starting to see additional but occasional delays in weekend data reporting.  For Sunday, three states did not report data:- Texas missing Sunday, Louisiana and Washington (missed Sat, but 2 days' worth yesterday)- Of these, TX is arguably the only one that matters given the relatively high level of cases reported by that state which has been around 9,000 in the past few days.But it seems li...

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