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COVID-19 UPDATE: New HIGH in cases and New LOW in deaths. As states 'whack-a-mole' with COVID-19 in F-CAT, deaths far lower than NYC/NY. NYC analog suggests peak within 2 weeks

While there were many alarming COVID-19 'headlines' over the weekend, noting 'record case' numbers, daily US deaths attributed to COVID-19 fell to a new low of 253, besting the prior record low of 292 on 6/23/2020 and total deaths are down 91% from the peak. 

So, while case numbers suggest an uncontained and rapidly transmitting disease (confirmed cases soared to >45,000 Friday), the human tragedy has a diminishing toll.  Still, Multiple states are playing a game of Corona 'whack-a-mole' as confirmed cases have risen.  And the situational picture is not entirely clear. 

- Is this due to general economic opening since Memorial Day?
- Is this due to the >350 nationwide protests (we believe a major factor)? 
- Why is >40% of incremental cases Latino Hispanic? 

Source: internetGenerally, the newly infected are younger and hence, hospitalizations and deaths are not rising to the same degree as cases.  And medical treatment regimens and general preparedness are much better as well, so there is an overall picture around Healthcare. Interestingly, the "course correction" pursued by most states is the same -- "shut down" bars.  California is the latest state, issuing this edict last night.  Already, Texas and Flor...

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