COVID-19 UPDATE: Growing research shows Vitamin D is "hidden hero" in COVID-19. Post-COVID-19 Depression, the surviving "epicenter" stocks will have proved themselves unkillable, hence, less "barbell"

COVID-19 remains a global crisis and we realize that many people need to keep up with COVID-19 developments, particularly since we are moving into the more critical stage ("restart economy"), so feel free to share our commentary to anyone who has interest.

Daily cases for COVID-19 jumped today to +3,666 to 22,757 but it is not really a case of new breakouts.  Testing rose 62% to >471,000, so that partially explains the 19% rise in 1D cases.  There is a pattern of midweek cases jumping and this has continued for enough weeks, that we added 7D comparisons, to neutralize the day by day jumpiness. Looking at "week ago" vs "today" we can see there is steady progress each day this week.  We still think we need to watch 1D changes and spot sustained dislocations, but for understanding the trend, this chart below makes clear US COVID-19 cases are slowing.

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Source: COVID-19 Tracking ProjectBut it has been a good week for COVID-19 progress, particularly on the re-opening front.  There are more and more signs of an America returning to normalcy.  Texas Gov. Greg Abbott announced professional sports will allow fans to attend with 25% capacity (see link --> TX Governor Order) and we believe it is the first state to allow fans into the stadium.  T...

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