US Policy Livestream

Friday, September 9, 2022 11:00AM ET

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Key Topics

Get exclusive insights from leading Washington Policy Strategist, Tom Block, in our first ever US Policy YouTube livestream.

With inflation, midterms, and Powell’s recent speech, bridging Washington DC to Wall Street has never been more important.

Amidst inflation concerns, the stock market is hanging on Powell’s every word and this week’s speech is no exception. It’s not lost on us, midterms and the controversial Inflation Reduction Act are resting in the hanger as well.

Panel of Speakers

Tom Lee

L . Thomas Block

Washington Policy Strategist

Formerly Global Head of Government Relations at J.P. Morgan for 21 years, and previously served as Legislative Assistant and Chief of Staff in the House, and Legislative Staff Director in the Senate.

Tom Lee

Carrie Presley

Head of Media Production

Carrie has over 10 years of corporate accounting experience and is nationally recognized for instructional innovations in technology. Most recently, Carrie founded a blockchain software engineering and education company, developing programs for decentralized applications.

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