Adam Gould’s 2023 Quantitative Strategy Outlook

Thursday, February 2, 2023 3:00PM ET
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Adam Gould presents his 2023 Quantitative Strategy Outlook, including key market drivers and potential risks as we enter a new year.

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Key Topics

Adam Gould's quantitative stock rating model posted strong outperformance in 2022, outpacing the benchmark S&P 500 index by a substantial margin. His dynamic factor portfolio also beat the index, and his market valuation methodology saw equities as overvalued relative to investment grade fixed income throughout the selloff of 2022. Gould cautioned investors that they should expect muted returns and elevated volatility for the equity market all year.
Now, he's prepared to share his latest insights on what to expect in 2023.
- When might equities become more fairly valued?
- What his quantitative stock rating model is showing
- When might the stock market bottom?
- Potential sectors & factors for outperformance in 2023
- Updates and new work around alternative data signals
- Sectors, stocks & areas to avoid

Panel of Speakers

Tom Lee

Adam Gould, CFA AC

Head of Quantitative Research

Adam has over 20 years of experience on Wall Street. He worked at Morgan Stanley and Empirical Research Partners where he designed and developed quantitative equity models and other portfolio strategy themes.

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