2021 Technical Outlook with Rob Sluymer

Tuesday, January 12, 3PM ET

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Rob Sluymer presents his 2021 Technical Outlook.

Join us Tuesday, January 12th, 3PM ET for an exclusive webinar with Q&A as Rob Sluymer delivers his 2021 Technical Outlook.

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Event Agenda

  • Implications for 2021 into 2022 of the longer-term trends and cycles underway for capital markets.
  • A roadmap through 2021 with a focus on the tactical, multi-month risks and opportunities likely developing in Q1-Q2 following the historic 2020 equity rebound.
  • Best ideas to capitalize on the technical shifts underway within sectors and groups, styles (growth vs value), size (large vs small) and region.
  • Q&A

Panel of Speakers

Tom Lee

Robert Sluymer

Managing Director and Technical Strategist

Former Managing Director leading RBC’s U.S. Technical Research team with over 26 years of expertise in investment research and technical analysis.

Get Instant Access to 100s of
Our Reports and this Replay

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