2021 Portfolio Strategy with Brian Rauscher

Wednesday, January 20, 3PM ET

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Brian Rauscher presents his 2021 Portfolio Strategy.

Join us Wednesday, January 20th, 3PM ET for an exclusive webinar with Q&A as Brian Rauscher delivers his 2021 Portfolio Strategy.

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Event Agenda

  • Does the ongoing shift to Value/Cyclicals from Growth/FAANG continue?
  • What sectors/industries are best set up to outperform?
  • Will idiosyncratic factors (alpha) become more important than macro (beta) during the year?
  • Brian will highlight some of his top favorable stocks.
  • Q&A

Panel of Speakers

Tom Lee

Brian Rauscher

Head of Global Portfolio Strategy & Asset Allocation

Industry veteran, Morgan Stanley, Robert Baird, Brown Brothers Harriman, and Fortress Investment Group.

Get Instant Access to 100s of
Our Reports and this Replay

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