Over the past 7 days, the FS CryptoFX Agg Index decreased by 15.9%, compared with an 11.5% decrease for the S&P 500.

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Amid the rising fear of the spread of coronavirus globally, Bitcoin's price fell seven days in a row and declined 13.7% in the past week. BTC fell below its 200DMA last Wednesday but recovered above it over the weekend. Bitcoin is still one of the best performing asset classes with a YTD return of 19%, while S&P 500's YTD gains were eliminated during the correction last week.

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Sector RotationExcept for the stable coins, all crypto market indices were down last week. FS CryptoFX Exchanges index is the only sector that beat the Bitcoin last week (+0.7%). Beneficiaries of the relative resilience of Bitcoin compared to other cryptocurrencies, FS CryptoFX Commodities index, and FS CryptoFX 10 Large-cap index were also the leaders in the past week. The worst performing sector-based indices were FS CryptoFX Platform index and FS CryptoFX Privacy index. FS Platform index had been the leader in the prior six weeks. However, this leadership reversed as the prices of the most significant contributors, Tezos and Ethereum, declined 25% and 20% in the past week. The laggardship of the FS Privacy ...

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