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The Economic Reset
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May 1, 2020 01:00PM ET
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TOM LEE’S First 5 Rules of Bitcoin Investing
April 23, 2020 10:30AM ET
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“Your work has just been a joy to read lately. Regardless of whether one agrees, it’s invigorating”
“I use a few other strategy services and by FAR, FS Macro is the most robust. I’m impressed”
Top Wall Street Strategist

Tom Lee

Macro and Crypto Research at the Highest Level

Tom Lee is recognized as one of Wall Street’s top-ranked institutional analysts, with a loyal following for decades. The former chief U.S. Equities Strategist at JP Morgan is on a mission: to give individuals the research and tools to make the informed investment descisions and level the playing field. Banks and Hedge Funds go to Tom for his authoritative research and advice. Now you can have access to the same high-level research by becoming an FS member
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Message from Tom Lee

Only on FS Insight will you find institutional grade actionable ideas that are customized especially for RIAs and individuals. No matter which product you choose, you’ll receive the kind of keen insight that hundreds of institutions in 18 countries already get, like “Tom’s Takes” and Timely Live Market Blasts—and much more—straight to your inbox
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Tom Lee hosts webinars!

Why FS Insight?

Because We Deliver Results


WW International shortly after we featured it in Signal from Noise, it showed huge gains, to the delight of our members.

30 bps

In 2019, our Signal from Noise picks beat the S&P 500 by 30 bps. Thanks to the extensive expertise of Vito Racanelli and our team.

1270 bps

Since inception in January 2019, our Granny Shots stock picks have beat the S&P 500 by 1270 bps through February 2020.


Tom Lee, Robert Sluymer, and FS Insight were featured more than a 100 times on major U.S. news channels in the past year.


Over 325 reports about the market have been released so far by FS Insight.


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FSI Macro

Macro Research


Using comprehensive and differentiated data sets, including census data; economic activity; and historical, demographic and social trends, we look at key drivers and relative valuations for the 11 primary sectors as well as industry groups.

With a focus on businesses with pricing power or secular opportunities, we look to identify investment opportunities for our clients before the consensus discovers these companies.

FS Insight provides a roadmap for investors to understand the current equity market environment and the tools to generate outperformance.

FSI Digital Assets

Crypto Research


We are recognized as one of the only institutional research firms providing comprehensive market analysis and price analytics for crypto-currencies and blockchain technology.

FS Insight is pioneering thought leader in this rapidly growing investment space. Our digital assets research bridges the gap between the tech and investment worlds, providing investors with a framework for understanding fundamental valuations and market risks, and critical benchmarking tools.

We estimate more than 10% of all crypto funds, representing ~33% of crypto assets under management, as our paying clients. We are effectively the only paid research subscription service in crypto with widespread adoption.


The Complete Package

Macro + Crypto


Get all the research that FS Insight has to offer in one neat package.

A roadmap to understand the current equity market environment and the tools to generate outperformance.
Our digital assets research bridges the gap between the tech and investment worlds, providing investors with a framework for understanding fundamental valuations and market risks, and critical benchmarking tools.

Taking Granny Shots

Our Quant Model Presents You with Higher Reward Opportunities

Benefit from Multiple Tailwinds

Granny Shots portfolio contains stocks that appear in at least two of our six investment strategies (3 tactical + 3 thematic)
These stocks are likely to benefit from multiple tailwinds and help drive outperformance

Overweight 3 Tactical Strategies

  • i. Style Tilt – What’s working, Value or Growth?
  • ii. Seasonality – Industries likely to outperform in the next 6 months
  • iii. PMI Recovery – Sectors and styles benefiting from a PMI recovery above 50

Deliver Consistent Outperformance

In the NBA “granny style” underhand shots often help players improve their free throw rate
In the stock market Granny Shots have beaten the S&P 500 11 out 15 months and cumulatively by over 1,230 bps* since inception (Jan 2019)

Overweight 3 Thematic Strategies

  • i. Millennials – Stocks with high exposure to Millennials
  • ii. AI/Automation – The solution to the global labor shortage
  • iii. Asset Intensity – Stocks that benefit from a rise in long term inflation

In the News

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What our clients think about our research

Steve Einhorn

Steve Einhorn

Omega Advisors
“Tom provides excellent analytical and creative research which focuses on variant perceptions from consensus expectations”
Robert C. Doll

Robert C. Doll

Nuveen Asset Management LLC
“We use Tom Lee because he does his homework”
Institutional Investor

Institutional Investor

“Tom does a huge amount of work and he doesn’t rely on hunches. All of his arguments are data driven.”
The Cointelegraph

The Cointelegraph

Thomas Lee was one of the first “traditional finance” professionals talking about Bitcoin.

Our Team

A Team Dedicated to Clients

Tom Lee

Thomas J. Lee

Co-Founder, Head of Research
Former J.P. Morgan Chief Equity Strategist from 2007 to 2014. Top-ranked analyst by Institutional Investor every year since 1998.
Rob Sluymer

Rob Sluymer, CFA

Partner, Head of Technical Analysis Strategy
Head of Technical Research with over 26 years experience writing technical research at RBC Capital Markets.
Brian Rauscher

Brian Rauscher, CFA

Head of Global Portfolio Strategy & Asset Allocation
Industry veteran, Morgan Stanley, Brown Brothers Harriman, Fortress Investment Group, and Wedge Partners.
Vito J. Racanelli

Vito J. Racanelli

Senior Editor & Market Intelligence Analyst
Previously a reporter with Dow Jones Professional Investor Report in 1990, moved to AP-Dow Jones in Italy. He was a senior editor at Barron's in NY for 20 years.
Thomas Block

L. Thomas Block

Washington and Policy Strategist
Former Chief of Staff in the House, and Legislative Staff Director in the Senate. 21 years at J.P. Morgan as Global Head of Government Relations.
Jonathan Lesser

Gregory Landegger

Author of BitDigest
Investor and early technology adopter. Greg currently directs venture and early stage investments for Parsons & Whittemore, Inc, a single-family office based in NYC.
Jonathan Lesser

Jonathan Lesser

Vice President
At RW Baird & Co., he was responsible for developing the Global Portfolio Strategy data platform. He worked at Fortress Investment Group as well as at Brown Brothers Harriman.
David Grider

David Grider, CFA

Senior Digital Strategist
Previously a general partner at Aenigma, a digital asset venture fund. Prior, David worked at PwC and Noble Financial.
Ken Xuan

Ken Xuan, CFA, FRM

Partner, Head of Data Science Research
Data scientist with expertise in applied mathematics and statistical analysis. Ken was an operations strategy consultant at West Monroe Partners.
Andrew Cahill

Andrew Cahill

Research Analyst
Began his career in 2016 as an Analyst in CIT's Risk Management Group, served as a Senior Analyst in CIT’s Leveraged Finance Group.

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