What should be the weight of each stock on the list?

We generated these stock ideas based on our proprietary quant model and thematic study. Because our clients have different investment objectives and constraints, we don’t publish a portfolio with optimized weights. The performances mentioned in our publication are all based on the equal weighted position on each rebalance.

When to sell any of the stocks published on the granny shot list?

As our strategies are primarily focusing on long-term investment, we do not try to time the market. Hence, we recommend our clients add to their positions gradually. However, we understand that each client has the different investment objectives and risk tolerance. Therefore, please consult your financial advisor to discuss your risk tolerance and other factors that characterize your unique investment profile.

For the granny shots weightings, the performance cited is based on an equally-weighted portfolio as of each rebalancing at the beginning of each quarter. As mentioned above, given each different investor has their own unique investment horizon and risk profile, we do not want to take any size bias nor try to micro manage market fluctuations.

There are way too many granny stocks, how to choose which one to buy?

It all depends on your investment strategy and portfolio weights. It is different for each investor. You could pick 2-3 out of that portfolio that speak to you.

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