Good evening: Turmoil in the banking sector has left many investors with flashbacks to 2008’s GFC and even the 1980s savings and loan crisis, though some–including our Head of Research, Tom Lee–attribute this to reflexive human nature rather than any significant similarities to those historic...

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S&P 500 Posts Worst Week Since September

Good evening: “How low can stocks go?” That was the ominous headline in _The Wall Street Journal_ 14 years ago this week as the Dow had fallen four straight weeks, while the S&P 500 was below 700 for the first time in 13 years (1996). At the time, few people...

Stocks Hold Steady Despite Rising Yields

Good evening: Good news for bulls might be in store: Tom Lee calls for an eight-week rally after February’s pullback, buoyed by data next week that should show softer inflationary pressures and a softer jobs market. In his view, a data-dependent Jerome Powell should all but cement a 25-basis point...

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Fri February 24

Weakness Could Persist Into March

Warren Buffet, 2008 Good evening: In recent weeks, many stocks have fallen, spooking investors that maybe 2023’s hot start won’t last. Tom Lee has acknowledged that gains will be limited in the short run into March. But there’s no thesis change to his bullish 2023 outlook: Inflation will cool into...

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Fri February 17

Stocks Rangebound After Hot Start to 2023

Good evening: "When things go badly, people become cautious. Then their caution causes things to go well, and when things go well, they become incautious. I think that's a forever cycle."- Howard Marks Though the S&P 500 has traded sideways lately, it closed early in the week at 4,147, above...

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Fri February 10

Market Rally Cools Off, But Cycles Point to Positive First Half

Good evening: "Markets trend only about 15% of the time; the rest of the time they move sideways" - Paul Tudor Jones In recent weeks, Tom Lee has noted that many clients are puzzled by the scorching market rally to kick off 2023. As inflation continues to fall, the Nasdaq...

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Fri February 3

Nasdaq Posts Fifth Straight Week of Gains

Good evening: _“Our core holdings are the same as last year. We own shares of the best businesses in the world. Our attitude is that of a museum director: We only want to own masterpieces.” - François Rochon_ Investors digested a lot this week between the FOMC meeting, big-tech earnings,...

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Fri January 27

Stocks Continue Strong Start to 2023

Good evening: “After a stock market decline, people may perceive more risk than before when, in fact, the decline may have taken some of the risks out of the market.” – Robert Shiller Twenty-six percent of S&P 500 market cap reported this week, and the results were largely better than...

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Fri January 20

Stocks Finish Week Strongly, With Nasdaq Up for Three Straight Weeks

Good evening: Major market indices slipped slightly at the beginning of the shortened trading week, fell more sharply on Wednesday and Thursday in response to recession worries, and finished by rebounding on Friday. Investors worried that the Fed would overtighten in its inflation battle, despite increasingly visible progress. This week,...

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Fri January 13

Stocks Notch Best Week Since November As Nasdaq Winning Streak Extends to Six Days

Good evening: The markets opened strongly this week in hopes that Thursday’s CPI reading would be soft and convince the Fed that previous rounds of rate hikes had achieved the desired effect. The release met Street expectations, marking three consecutive months of downside reads. Yields dipped, with the 2-year falling...

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Fri January 6

Markets Rise in Year's First Week Despite Continuing Worries About Economy

Good evening: Happy New Year! We hope your 2023 is off to a healthy and productive start.  Adam Gould, Head of Quantitative Research, opened our Thursday meeting in New York the same week he published his stock-rating model’s 2022 performance. It was an excellent year for quant funds across the...

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