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Your Weekly Roadmap

Your Weekly Roadmap

Summary – S&P 500 closed at an ATH of 4,411.79 on the week. The DJIA closed above 35k for the first time ever. Nasdaq is looking like it wants 15,000 bad – The beginning of the week couldn’t have been more different from the end. Monday was the worst sell-off of 2021 for the DJIA...

“Manic Monday” Followed By Strong Rally, DJIA, Nasdaq and S&P 500 All Close at All-Time Highs

Markets Close Lower Despite Good Earnings and Data on Delta and Inflation Fears

Summary – S&P 500 closed lower on the week at 4,327.16, which is down from 4,369.55 last week. – Despite hovering near all-time highs, the chop of July is being felt acutely. – We are expecting a continuing strong showing in earnings led by Epicenter sectors and reflationary names. –...

Markets Shake Off Growth Scare Thursday and Close at ATHs

Summary – S&P 500 closes at another all-time high of 4,369.55, up from 4,352.34 last week. The DJIA closed slightly below the 52 week high it hit in May, and the Nasdaq sat similarly. – The path to all-time highs was marked by volatility and a major “growth-scare” on Thursday...

Two All-Time Highs Across Indexes on Friday, Potential Headwinds for Markets in July Likely Followed by Strong 2H

Summary – S&P 500 closes at another all-time high of 4,352.34 up from 4,280.70 last Friday. The DJIA inched closer to its May ATH and the Nasdaq hit an ATH. – The delta variant is rising, and we have amended our base case to now reflect a surge in the...

S&P Shakes Off Last Week’s Jitters and Closes At ATH

Summary – S&P 500 closes at an all-time high of 4,280.70 up from 4,166.45 last Friday after the turmoil from FOMC and “Quad Witching.” – The pace of COVID-19 improvement has begun to slow in the United States, but a full-scale reversal is unlikely. – Markets look strong on several...

S&P Has Volatile Week Driven by Headlines, Bullish Thesis Remains as Intact as Ever

Summary – S&P 500 closes at 4,166.45 down from 4,274.44. Losses concentrated in reflationary names. – Quadruple witching expiration and FOMC meeting created volatility and uncertainty. – We explain how we want you to use our research. Read the river like Mark Twain does. – Despite the headwinds, hyperbole, and drama this week we remain […]

S&P Ekes Out ATH and Rises for Third Consecutive Week

– S&P 500 closes at ATH of 4,247.44 up from 4,228.89 last week, third up week in a row – Market took higher than expected inflation numbers in stride the 10-yr is only 1.454% – Developments out of Washington highlight Tech Cold War between US and China – We continue...

Energy Had “Face-Ripping” Week, S&P Closes Just Under ATH

The S&P 500 closed at 4,229.89, which is just shy of the 52-week high of 4,238.04 and is about 25 points higher than the 4,204 level that we closed at last Friday before the three-day weekend. It was its best day since May 24th. What a three-day weekend it was....

Epicenter Leads May Performance, Tech Has Losing Month

The S&P 500 closed at 4,204.11 which was roughly flat for the day but was up from 4,155.86 last Friday. This increase of 1.15% on the week is respectable but that mere fact does not reflect how utterly volatility collapsed. We’ve been speaking a lot about the rising levels of...

Crypto Cross-Corr. Proves Retail Rise, More Sideways Action

The S&P 500 closed at 4,155.86 down from 4,173.85 last Friday. The day started stronger and markets peaked at intraday high of 4,188.72 on Friday before fading into the close. Yet again, that differential masks a much bumpier ride in between. It was just another manic Wednesday this week. Another...

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