Newton's Law

Latest Technical Analysis Reports

Daily Technical Analysis

Mark Newton, Fundstrat's Head of Technical Strategy, brings in-depth analysis and context on the current trends at work in global asset markets. Mark utilizes historical price action, volume, momentum, breadth, along with sentiment, seasonality, and cycles to discuss attractive risk/rewards present in Equity markets, commodities, Treasuries and FX. Short-term tactical opportunities are discussed given short-term trends, along with how to position to take advantage of volatility and sector rotation occurring on a longer-term basis, when applicable.
Daily reports typically have a technical overview on SPX 500, covering near-term trend, momentum, and areas of support/resistance. This is followed by 2-3 other charts and analysis covering various sectors which might be strengthening/weakening and actionable ideas when possible.
Intra-market analysis and/or correlation trends are often highlighted which can show investors how various assets are moving in tandem, or opposite their normal trends and various counter-trend indicators and cycles that might be present to suggest trend continuation and/or upcoming reversals to pay attention to.