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Wed July 29, 2020

As US economy recovers, if subscribers continue to rise; WW stock could rise 30%-40% A year has passed since I wrote about WW International (WW), formerly Weight Watchers (A Battered Weight Watchers Stock Looks Inexpensive, July 10, 2019).  I’m happy to report that since our...

Weight Watchers Can Continue to Outperform Post COVID-19
  • Signal From Noise
Wed July 10, 2019

A Battered Weight Watchers' Stock Looks Inexpensive

Shares of WW International, formerly Weight Watchers (WW) have been battered for some time now, even after accounting for a 25% rise from lows recently. It’s a value stock. No, don’t leave. Stay with me here. I realize that currently most investors would prefer a hot poker in the eye...

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