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Fri April 8, 2022

Congress has left for the Easter/Passover break; but not before the Senate took the historic action of confirming Ketanji Brown Jackson to be the first Black woman to sit on the Supreme Court.  The final vote was anticlimactic as several weeks ago swing Democratic Senator...

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  • Daily Technical Strategy
Tue February 1, 2022

Re-opening Trade looks to be kicking into gear

Technical Strategy Video: https://vimeo. com/672539194/40d1251ba2 SPX 3-day gain has recouped more than 50% of the weakness from early JanuaryRe-opening Trade looks to be kicking into gear, with sharp gains out of Casinos, Airlines, and CruiselinersEnergy remains well positioned to outperform; E&Ps should be favored   ------------------------- The Follow-through continues!!  ...

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Fri October 25, 2019

House Testimony Could Push Trump Impeachment Forward

Last week’s testimony of long-time foreign service officer Bill Taylor in the House of Representatives appears to have made even more certain the lower house will approve a bill of impeachment against the President before year-end. Meanwhile, this all might look like an American version of a Kabuki play, as...

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Fri October 11, 2019

It's All Impeachment, US-China Trade All the Time

Unless you were sitting under a rock somewhere, you know that the potential impeachment of President Donald Trump dominated the news last week, kind of like the New England Patriots and football. That’s likely to continue for a while. Anyway, while the House of Representatives might indeed approve articles of...

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Fri August 2, 2019

Budget deal approved; US-China Trade Tensions Worsen with One Trump Tweet

Well, they did it. The House and Senate have finally given approval to the two-year budget and debt ceiling bill. It's now in the President's hands for his signature while the legislature is on holiday until Labor Day. The budget and debt deal removes the threat of a government default...

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Fri May 17, 2019

Trump's Trade Sucess- Outside China

While the focus of media and trade action in Washington, D.C., was on the escalating tensions between the Chinese government and President Donald Trump, the Administration was taking steps to find successes elsewhere. For example, the U.S. announced a postponement until at least November of its proposed tariffs on imported...

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