• Daily Technical Strategy
Wed December 14, 2022

The near-term churning in Stock indices over the last month has been accompanied by a notable slowdown in momentum and market breadth as might have been expected when short-term uptrends morph into sideways consolidation.  This slowdown resulted in 4100 having been tested twice now in...

UPTICKS UPDATE: Top Technical Laggards to avoid heading into 2023

Key Technical Takeaways into Nonfarm Payrolls Number

The four-day SPX rally has now quietly regained 5% just in the last three weeks, one of the longest uninterrupted rallies this year.  Near-term, prices are nearing key make-or-break levels that technically look likely to result in a stalling out/reversal in prices heading into next week.  This is expected technically...

  • Daily Technical Strategy
Fri June 24, 2022

Key Technical reasons for thinking a larger low is near

Friday marked the broadest rally we’ve seen all week, with excellent participation and also more than 90% of the volume into advancing stocks vs. declining.  This week’s move was encouraging in how it has helped short-term momentum improve a bit.  However, while a number of reasons stand out as to...

Despite pessimism, it’s early to call for a Technical bottom

Monday’s breakdown has taken SPX, QQQ and DJIA to lowest since at least a yearMicrosoft’s breakdown of $270 a definite headwind for Equities given its representationSentiment has been bearish for a few weeks, yet no definite evidence of capitulation   https://vimeo. com/707981426 The relentless selloff has continued as this new...

  • Daily Technical Strategy
Fri April 29, 2022

Technical Longs and Shorts to Consider into May

Friday’s about face should lead to an upcoming test and break of February lowsAMZN’s outsized decline could be buyable temporarily at 3850-75Favorite Longs and Shorts are listed as investments to consider heading into May https://vimeo. com/704705731 Markets have reversed course after just a minor three-day bounce attempt and are now...

  • Daily Technical Strategy
Thu April 28, 2022

AMZN technical analysis- Where to buy dips?

Thursday’s rise lifted S&P up to resistance at 4303- While it’s possible a bit more upside can happen on Friday, the risk/reward for trading longs is growing poorAMZN analyzed after Thursday’s post earnings breakdownUS Dollar surge vs Yen has reached highest levels in 20 years   https://vimeo. com/704342899 The S&P...

  • Daily Technical Strategy
Tue April 5, 2022

Top Technical Shorts to consider

Monday’s follow-through decline has caused SPX to close at lowest since 3/24.Technology remains under pressure, and still early to expect meaningful snapback.TNX pushed up above last week’s highs, and still no meaningful evidence of a top. https://vimeo. com/696304450/49e18d17ad US stocks seem to be following the technical playbook and might weaken...

  • Crypto Technical Analysis
Fri February 11, 2022

Cryptocurrency Technical Review

Cryptocurrency rally looks to have temporarily stalled out after a sharp three-week rally.  Ethereum has stalled out in its relative performance vs Bitcoin, and for now, Bitcoin is an outperformer over Ethereum and should be favored. Weekly momentum remains negative and Cycle composites start to turn lower in early March into...

  • Daily Technical Strategy
Thu January 20, 2022

2022 Technical Strategy Outlook

There will be no Technical Strategy Video today, and a replay of today's webinar will be available tomorrow. To access a FULL copy of this report in PDF format, click this link. Year-end Target 2022 SPX- 4750-5000  (Flat to +5%) DJIA- 36,400-38,200  (Flat to +5%)Volatility continues throughout 1H 2022...

  • Daily Technical Strategy
Tue January 4, 2022

Defensive technical strength is meaningful amidst ongoing Divergences

Technical Strategy Video: https://vimeo. com/662437385/46f3cb138a Intermarket divergences remain something to watch carefully as markets continue to grind sideways, with SPX largely unchanged from six trading days agoDefensive groups like Consumer Staples and REITS have shown some of the best performance amidst the S&P SPDR ETF’s over the last 1...

  • Daily Technical Strategy
Thu December 23, 2021

5 Top Technical Longs to Consider

Technical Strategy Video: https://vimeo. com/659795451/3b131b5026 SPX push to new all-time highs is slowly starting to be seen in other indices and Groups.  While negative divergence is present, we’ll use these levels as the “dividing lines in the Sand” QQQ-400, IWV-275.87, and SPX 4723- Above it’s right to be bullish,...

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