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October 1

So, this could prove to be a temporary reprieve. This chart shows the level of cases (per 1mm residents) and the redder the worse the case impact.  And as you can see: - the states in the North are seeing the highest cases per capita....

House Democrats unveil $3 trillion bill

Time to 'HODL' Energy stocks

... RULE #5 FOR BITCOIN IS "10 BEST DAYS" AND THIS APPLIES TO ENERGY --> HODL For those that follow our crypto/digital asset research, you might be familiar with our Rule #5 for Bitcoin, the "rule of 10 best days" This rule points out that Bitcoin annual returns are concentrated...

USA cases fall to 12,825, the lowest since March 24, 2020 start of pandemic!!! Positive risk/reward for stocks asymmetrically positive. Latest soaring equity put/call ratio

ALERT: Just want to give you a heads up. My birthday is Monday and I plan to celebrate by going to dinner with some friends. Thus, there is no report planned for Tuesday. STRATEGY: POSITIVE RISK/REWARD FOR STOCKS BECOMING INCREASINGLY POSITIVE. LATEST EXAMPLE IS SOARING EQUITY PUT/CALL RATIO _... US...

Stocks in the most “obliterated” Epicenter groups

An abbreviated version of this list was published in the FIRST WORD dated May 18th, 2020. We’ve republished the complete list here in order to highlight it for our valued subscribers. STRATEGY: Stocks in the most “obliterated” Epicenter groupsI asked tireless Ken and the data science team to compile a...

These 28 stocks could rally in next few weeks from "CDC easing". Also, Small-caps needed to close "up" Monday, very important and signals much stronger gains ahead

Wow.  The US economy is going full blown re-open by June.  _STRATEGY: SMALL-CAPS NEEDED TO CLOSE "UP" MONDAY, WHICH HAPPENED --> SIGNALS MUCH GREATER GAINS AHEAD_ Last week, we alerted our clients to a possible important capitulation taking place in small-cap stocks (IWM ETF our proxy) and again, saw signs...

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April 9

Epicenter – Stocks with Uncommon Value During Uncommon Times

This list was published in the FIRST WORD dated April 9, 2020. We’ve republished it here in order to highlight it for our valued subscribers. STRATEGY: Updating Epicenter Trifecta List  – 24 stock ideas are removed, and 11 stock ideas are added to the list… Now 108 stocks in the Trifecta list…...

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March 26

COVID-19 UPDATE: Israel cases 39 yesterday vs 1,200 in January. Obliterated. 4 new structural factors in 2021 impact equities. Focus on stocks benefitting from structural tailwinds and capacity to positively surprise -- Epicenter in 2021.

I got my first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine today.  I am a resident of the state of CT and the eligibility includes adults age >45, which I qualify.  I am sharing my experience, because registering, determining eligibility and getting a vaccine appointment was all seamless and smooth.   - the...

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December 11, 2020

Epicenter – Stocks with Uncommon Value During Uncommon Times

This list was published in the Daily BLAST dated December 11, 2020. We’ve republished it here in order highlight it for our valued subscribers. Updated Epicenter Trifecta list — adding 19 stocks and deleting 1 stockWe have updated our Trifecta Epicenter stock list.  These are the stocks which were hit the hardest...

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