• Daily Technical Strategy
Mon December 12, 2022

The stalling out in the SPX weekly chart continues to suggest upside progress in December might prove more difficult than the normal bullish seasonality seen during most years.  As has been discussed, the break of uptrends from October along with NYSE Advance/Decline uptrends are technical...

VIX strengthening along with SPX suggests upcoming volatility
  • Daily Technical Strategy
Wed December 7, 2022

Increasing signs that December could weaken after a successful tag of SPX 4100

The last few days aren’t terribly encouraging given the degree of erosion in momentum and breadth in short order.  While SPX 3906 has not yet been broken, the structure of this week’s pullback has been clearly impulsive from an Elliott standpoint while short-term cycles look to be turning down which...

  • Daily Technical Strategy
Thu November 10, 2022

SPX rally above 3912 puts 60-year cycle back on track

Incredibly enough, Thursday’s surge surpassed even what options markets were expecting for volatility post CPI.  Equities, Treasuries and currencies all showed some of the largest movement seen in years.  SPX’s move above late October highs puts a major decline on the back burner for the time being. While risk/reward is...

  • Daily Technical Strategy
Wed October 19, 2022

Rally up to SPX 3800-30 still likely but important to see Yields peak out

4 months ago Members Only: FSI Macro and FSI Pro LIVE Technical Stock Analysis - October 2022 Wondering where your stocks are headed into year-end? Leave it to the pros! Please join us for an in-depth analysis of your top stock picks, including: $NVDA, $QQQ, $TSLA, $AAPL, and MORE! Our...

  • Daily Technical Strategy
Mon October 17, 2022

Here’s what needs to happen to think SPX is “Out of the woods”

TREASURY YIELD PEAK LOOKS CLOSE, BUT YIELDS STILL SEEM TO REQUIRE A FINAL PUSH HIGHER Yields represent one of the most important areas to concentrate on for those who have an interest in Equities these days. Gathering some conviction on a peak in $TNX and $TYX should directly lead to...

  • Daily Technical Strategy
Mon September 19, 2022

Tough to trust SPX bounce with $TNX making new 2022 highs

Ahead of this week’s Fed meeting, Monday’s minor relief rally took prices right back to areas of September’s breakdown, which at $SPY-389 is thought to be quite important resistance.  Given that US 10-Year Treasury yields set new daily 2022 closing highs Monday above 3.475% at 3.49%, it’s thought that ongoing...

  • Crypto Technical Analysis
Tue July 19, 2022

Bullish breakout should drive SPX to 4060

Tuesday produced nearly a textbook breakout which not only exceeded late June and early July highs in $SPX, but also successfully exceeded 3-4 month downtrends for $SPX and $DJIA.  Seven of the 11 S&P Select SPDR ETF’s were higher by more than 3%, and volume was nearly 10/1 bullish on...

Bounce above 4114 in SPX gives reason for optimism that lows might be in place

Friday’s strength in SPX and QQQ has broken initial resistance, giving reasons for optimism that a more meaningful low could be in place.QQQ bounce makes both legs of decline equal in price and time into late May.Ethereum has fallen out of favor vs Bitcoin, and BTCUSD should be favored. https://youtu....

Short-Term Rally Possible as SPX Reversed at Base Case ‘22 Target

Friday’s decline has achieved my Base case 2022 technical target and Friday’s reversal gives hopes for a short-term rally getting underwayVery good price action in Equal-weighted Healthcare and Technology this weekVIX recent lagging could be construed as bullish, sniffing out market bottom https://vimeo. com/712238976 Markets promptly reversed early uptrends to...

  • Daily Technical Strategy
Tue April 26, 2022

Equal-weighted SPX hits highest vs SPX in over a year

Tuesday’s NASDAQ pullback has violated Feb/March lows, while SPX is at these levels, and DJIA remains a relative outperformer, trading ~3% above as of 4/26 close.Microsoft and Tesla analyzed technically and key support, resistance revealed.Equal-weighted SPX and NASDAQ both showing strength vs Cap-weighted. https://vimeo. com/703496495 The selloff has proven difficult...

  • Daily Technical Strategy
Wed January 5, 2022

SPX breaks support as Tech weakness spreads to broader market

Technical Strategy Video: https://vimeo. com/662809726/af65efdf14 SPX break to multi-day lows was accentuated by Technology’s declineValue continuing to make inroads vs Growth- While Large-Cap Growth was far better than Value into End of year 2021, Mid and Small-cap Growth had never really strengthened as much.  Recent days shows Value across...

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