• Technical Strategy
Fri August 30, 2019

Trucking Looks Set for Potential Turnaround

As I sit here in the beautiful Smoky Mountains, I note that, in my absence, the S&P 500 has again, in August, held and rallied from key support at 2822, following last Friday’s tweet sell-off. Despite this gut-check roller coaster ride, the technical backdrop remains unchanged, with the index likely...

  • Technical Strategy
Fri August 23, 2019

Trump's Tweets Trump Technical Analysis-For Now

A funny meme circulated among the technical cognoscenti last week: President Donald Trump holding a sign that says “Your technical analysis is no match against my tweets.” That’s been the case at the market highs in August, and frankly it won’t be easy technically navigating future presidential tweets given so...

  • Technical Strategy
Fri July 5, 2019

Longterm Backdrop Bullish for Stocks; Bonds Not So Much

You have to admire the Standard & Poor’s 500 index’s ability to scale the proverbial “Wall of Worry” in the face of major trade, economic and earnings worries throughout Q2 heading into Q3. I’ve been around for a few bull and bear markets, and if there were ever a market...

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