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In our previous note on alternative data, we used Reddit to identify stocks that saw an uptick in their mentions coupled with unusual trading activity.In this note, we create a social media-based sentiment indicator by focusing on the sentiment implied in individual Reddit comments.For index-level...

Alternative Data: Sentiment from Social Media

Retail Sentiment is Now The Worst Since April 2014, An 8-yr New Low In Sentiment

So oddly, double vaxxed Canadians are seeing a higher rate of confirmed cases. The article below offers two explanations for this:vaxxed people are more likely to seek PCR testing, for employment, vacations, etcvaxxed people are more likely “put at risk” by going to restaurants, going to work, gyms, theaters, etc...

  • Technical Strategy
September 13, 2019

Watch for Cyclicals bottoming for sign of new up cycle

You have to be impressed by the persuasive power of price movement on sentiment and headlines. I’m obviously just a bit biased, but the sudden reversal from bearish to bullish headlines only reinforces the importance of including technical analysis in one’s investment process. Why? Well, despite the short-term wiggles that...