• Daily Technical Strategy
Thu December 9, 2021

Technical Strategy Video: https://vimeo. com/655050496/78874b9371 Trends remain bullish, but short-term overbought with indices and many sectors at/near key resistance near November highs, and/or trendline resistanceHealthcare the top performer of the week as Med Devices, Pharma kick into gearCrude up against near-term resistance;  Meanwhile Bitcoin...

Biggest S&P Reversal since February- What’s Next?
  • Technical Strategy
Fri June 12, 2020

Slide Does Technical Damage But Doesn’t End Rally Mode

Last week’s market drop-off did considerable technical damage to many charts BUT there are a few silver linings we would encourage investors to consider. The Standard & Poor’s (SPX), along with many stocks, notably cyclicals, were overbought at resistance heading into the beginning of this week. The SPX has pulled...

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