• Daily Technical Strategy
Thu December 31, 2020

After a historic rebound in 2020, the question investors are asking the most is are we heading into year-end correction? The short answer is I’m expecting equity markets to begin a correction, or at least a pause, in the early part of 1Q21. However, I...

The Perspective on a Potential 1Q20 Equity Market Pullback
  • Daily Technical Strategy
Fri December 18, 2020

A Q1 Pullback Appears Likely but Temporary

Coincidently, as I was preparing for this week’s note, I came across a quote from Peter Lynch, the legendary portfolio manager of Fidelity’s Magellan Fund between 1977-1990. Peter noted that _“FAR MORE MONEY HAS BEEN LOST BY INVESTORS PREPARING FOR CORRECTIONS THAN HAS BEEN LOST IN THE CORRECTIONS THEMSELVES”._ I...

  • Daily Technical Strategy
Fri December 11, 2020

Short Lived Pullback Underway - Key S&P Levels to Focus On

Equity markets pulled back this week but I’M EXPECTING THE CURRENT PULLBACK TO BE SHORT-LIVED WITH FURTHER UPSIDE INTO YEAR-END AND EARLY Q1. By February, however, weekly indicators tracking 1-2 quarter shifts are likely to be overbought after bottoming at the beginning of September with most cyclical stocks. The pending...

  • Tom Lee's Equity Strategy
Fri June 12, 2020

Market Pullback Overdue; Lots of Cash Still On the Sidelines

It was a painful week, with equity markets down 5%. But a big pullback was overdue, given the extended and relentless rise. The natural question is whether this is the start of a broader sell-off. If so, the one thing to be mindful of is: who needs to de-lever? There...

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