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In our Friday note, we reiterated our long and medium term bullish view on crypto from our Mid-Year 2021 Crypto Outlook call last Wednesday, but discussed how markets could see some weekend volatility and a little protection to manage risk might not hurt. Crypto markets sold-off a bit further into the weekend on early Saturday...

Bitcoin Holding $30k During Weekend Sell-Off & Rallying After U.K Regulatory Actions is an Encouraging Change in Market Reaction to Bad News
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Oct 22, 2020

CRYPTO SPECIAL REPORT: Zilliqa: Making a competitive play to capture the ASEAN Open Finance Market

For a full copy of this report in PDF format please click this link. Zilliqa Research Pte. LTD. (“the Company”) is the software and services company behind development of the Zilliqa DLT Network. The Singapore-based Company was founded in 2017 and is focused on refining Zilliqa’s DLT technology and deploying...

Does Market Accept Fed’s Transitory Narrative?

Well, we said that Jerome Powell has a good week and got a reprieve because of the ‘goldilocks’ numbers last week. We think maybe that this week he is even more pleased. Why? Because it appears the market is in quite a trusting mood with the Fed. Appearances can be...

Bitcoin bouncing in the face of further China crackdowns signals the market is “bottoming on bad news”

Bitcoin and crypto markets have been hit with a wave of bad news headlines over the past couple months and prices have taken a sharp hit in response. China’s regulatory crypto crackdowns have been some of the largest contributors to the market action. This morning, news of further crackdowns started...

China crypto ban made the sell-off worse, but PBOC balance sheet growth matters more than posturing and is not the only key market driver - rally remains intact

In our crypto flash Monday night, we laid out 9 reasons we thought Bitcoin was close to a bottom around $40k. But yesterday crypto markets went for a wild ride. We got yet another sharp move lower below $30k but have since bounce back and are now at $41k.  Part of this...

Bitcoin correction may be painful, but here are 9 signs the market is too bearish, and we’re close to a bottom

In our crypto note to clients last Wednesday, we highlighted that this sell-off could set Bitcoin up for a new all-time high. But we also pointed out that we thought the “market may need to get a little more bearish first.” Bitcoin has since moved about 15% lower from $50k...

Rough Market Week Ends on Strong Note

The S&P 500 closed at 4,173.85 down from and ATH of 4,232.60 last Friday. It was one of those weeks where those numbers are deceiving. It felt like the world was falling apart, particularly if you are more than market-weight in high-flying growth stocks. The inveterate top callers began chest-thumping and saying a deeper fall […]

FLASH: Bitcoin healthy cool off over weekend resets margin leverage but does not signal end of bull market as “Dogecoin” retail traders are now entering the market

Bitcoin made new ATHs last Wednesday as investors piled in ahead of the Coinbase IPO. As we mentioned in our note last Friday (click this link), we thought a “crypto cooling off would be heathy” – and that’s what we got over the weekend. Source: FSInsight, Glassnode Futures open interest...

Crypto Quarterly Portfolio Strategy Q1 2021: Bull market intact as stocks, high yield and capital flows signal further risk-on ahead of landmark Coinbase IPO

In this crypto weekly note, we’re giving a more comprehensive Q1 end update covering prior recommendations and current market views. Bitcoin and crypto had a strong March quarter Stocks and high yield are signaling risk-on for crypto Long GBTC NAV discount is the new BTC premium arb trade Bitcoin dominance...

7D Delta Turns Positive, Market Chop Way Paves Way For Rally

Daily cases unfortunately have returned to slightly positive coming in at 58,468 which is up 2,869 cases from a week ago. The 7D positivity rate declined to 4.4% from 4.5% 7D ago. Importantly, hospitalizations and deaths are still moving in the right direction and are down 5.1% and 7.4% from...

FLASH MARKET COLOR: Textbook “Market chop” this week. Pattern 7-10 days of chop post-new market highs. Friday is quadruple witching. Probabilities favor market rally next week.

STRATEGY: We think today is textbook chop and probabilities favor a rally next week Equity markets faltered today, and the ostensible factor is the rise in interest rates, as the 10-year moved to 1.74%.  And the market indices masked a broader decline in the markets: – S&P 500 down -1.5%–...

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