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Thu September 29, 2022

“Make friends with the eminent dead.”- Charlie Munger Investing is incredibly difficult, and the competition is fierce. Most people hope to get rich quickly with little work—of course, they do. Investors sometimes hear about some stock that folks have made money on and buy it...

Management Lessons from The Eminent Dead
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Fri March 12, 2021

GoPro ($GPRO): An ‘Epicenter’ Stock With Reasonably Priced Growth and Motivated Management

While GoPro may currently be considered a joke to Wall Street (its precipitous decline half a decade ago was undoubtedly a _bathtub moment)_, we think upon looking at the company and their fortuitous pivot as a result of COVID-19 that the joke will be on those who are short GPRO,...

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Wed November 6, 2019

Khaner Cap Looks for Great Managements, Stocks With At Least 50%-100% Upside

This week’s Q&A was conducted recently with Lloyd Khaner, who runs the New York City-based Khaner Capital LP, which began operations in 1983. Lloyd’s been at the helm for the past 22 years, since 1997,a time in which the investment style shifted from a “cigar butt,” deep value fund to...

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