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  • Signal from Noise
March 12, 2021

While GoPro may currently be considered a joke to Wall Street (its precipitous decline half a decade ago was undoubtedly a _bathtub moment)_, we think upon looking at the company and their fortuitous pivot as a result of COVID-19 that the joke will be on...

GoPro ($GPRO): An ‘Epicenter’ Stock With Reasonably Priced Growth and Motivated Management
  • Signal from Noise
November 6, 2019

Khaner Cap Looks for Great Managements, Stocks With At Least 50%-100% Upside

This week’s Q&A was conducted recently with Lloyd Khaner, who runs the New York City-based Khaner Capital LP, which began operations in 1983. Lloyd’s been at the helm for the past 22 years, since 1997,a time in which the investment style shifted from a “cigar butt,” deep value fund to...