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Fri March 4, 2022

Debt. Arguably one of the most controversial financial terms in modern history. Embroiled in the conversations of 45 million student debt holders, 55% of Americans who carry a month-to-month credit card balance, and the mortgage holders that account for 70% of all American debt. Use...

Decentralized Leverage, Baby
  • Crypto Weekly
Wed September 8, 2021

Labor Day Leverage Check

On Tuesday, the market experienced cascade of liquidations as nearly $4.0 billion of long positions across the entire crypto market were wiped out. Approximately $1.0 billion of $BTC long positions and $855 million of $ETH long positions were liquidated.Tuesday’s liquidations were possibly exacerbated by the leverage embedded in the Ethereum...

  • Crypto Blast
Mon April 19, 2021

FLASH: Bitcoin healthy cool off over weekend resets margin leverage but does not signal end of bull market as “Dogecoin” retail traders are now entering the market

Bitcoin made new ATHs last Wednesday as investors piled in ahead of the Coinbase IPO. As we mentioned in our note last Friday (click this link), we thought a “crypto cooling off would be heathy” – and that’s what we got over the weekend. Source: FSInsight, Glassnode FUTURES OPEN INTEREST...

  • Signal From Noise
Wed March 4, 2020

iHeartMedia Stock Could Rise on Cost Cuts, Digital Revnue

I like iHeartMedia (IHRT) but right from the top I’ll mention the equity has one potentially significant problem that might scare away risk averse investors: it’s levered, 5.4 times levered at yearend 2019.  That could be an issue for some, and I won’t sugarcoat it. However, if you’re still with...

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