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Signs of economic slowing are becoming more prevalent, allaying concerns that the economy is so "hot" that the Fed needs to further accelerate rate hikes. But the unknown is how quickly inflationary pressures abate. As our clients know, we believe goods inflation will decline faster...

Treachery but not despair --> high-velocity decline means high-speed recovery

Clues continue to emerge for weakening labor = bad news is good for market stability

WEBINAR ALERT: 5/19 AT 2PM ET FOR FSINSIGHT MEMBERS We are delighted to announce we are hosting a webinar with Tom DeMark, founder of DeMark Analytics.Equities have been in a relentless downturn since the start of 2022.While valuations have become considerably more attractive, and sentiment rock bottom, investors are still...

  • First Word
October 22, 2021

The "Great Resignation" --> 6 supply reasons labor market tightness is "transitory"

#2 PARTICIPATION RATE:  PARTICIPATION RATE MATCHING FEB 2020 MEANS 3.7 MILLION PEOPLE LOOKING FOR WORK Look at the participation rate, fyi, we also show this by age.  - Participation rate is 61.6% now vs 63.4% Feb 2020, down 1.8% points - This is 3.7 million in additional labor supply -...

  • Crypto Weekly
September 8, 2021

Labor Day Leverage Check

On Tuesday, the market experienced cascade of liquidations as nearly $4.0 billion of long positions across the entire crypto market were wiped out. Approximately $1.0 billion of $BTC long positions and $855 million of $ETH long positions were liquidated.Tuesday’s liquidations were possibly exacerbated by the leverage embedded in the Ethereum...

  • Signal from Noise
December 11, 2019

Conservative Election Win Should Boost UK Stocks

Conservative Election Win Should Boost Lagging UK Stocks - Polls Are Calling for a Conservative Majority in U.K, but Advantage Is Narrowing - Another hung Parliament Almost as Bad as a Labor Win; Postpones Brexit Action If you’ve been around Wall Street long enough, no doubt you’ve heard many elections...