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Technical Strategy Video (Recorded Wednesday, October 27th): Key Takeaways Stalling out for market has given way to minor consolidation, while Technology and Growth trade outperform with “FAANG” outperformance Treasury yield breakdown looks important, particularly on the long end, which resulted in Financials underperforming Breakout in...

  • First Word
October 27

Market leadership still "early cycle" --> Delta-plus not creating "delta" vs base case as European delta-plus not driving severe hospitalizations

We publish on a 4-day a week schedule: Monday Tuesday Wednesday SKIP THURSDAY Friday STRATEGY: DELTA-PLUS SURGE NOT CREATING "DELTA" IN OUR BASE CASE _US DAILY CASE TRENDS ARE STILL POSITIVE -- 7D AVG 67,355 OR 58% OFF RECENT PEAK_ US daily case trends continue to be promising.  And as we...

Technology stalling out near August highs, which could result in minor consolidation

Technical Strategy Video (Recorded Tuesday, October 26th): Key Takeaways Technology looks to be stalling near resistance at highs from late August, which resulted in US indices pulling back from intra-day highs  DeMark indicators like TD Sequential are one trading session away from completing TD Sell Setups, which could result in...

  • Granny Shots
October 26

Q4 2021 Rebalancing of Granny Shots

We have updated our Granny Shots portfolio for the third quarter. There have been nine stocks removed from the list and there have been thirteen stocks added. Our Granny Shots portfolio is comprised of stocks that qualify for at least two of our thematic and tactical themes. Our tactical themes...

Factor Investing: Part 2

KEY TAKEAWAYS: * Our Factor Investing Model will be based on 5 common factors (value, quality, low volatility, momentum and size). During 3Q 2021, momentum did well while the other factors were flat to down. Over the past year, the size premium (small-cap stocks over large-cap stocks) led the way....

  • Crypto Videos
October 26

Crypto Chat: Bitcoin ETF Update

Armando Aguilar provides insight and record setting metrics on the recently approved Bitcoin ETFs. RESEARCH: UPTOBER: BTC, ETFS, AND ATHS

  • First Word
October 26

Delta-plus is a non-issue in USA, so far... Energy + Bitcoin most logical YE strategies

We publish on a 4-day a week schedule: Monday Tuesday Wednesday SKIP THURSDAY Friday STRATEGY: DELTA-PLUS IS A NON-ISSUE IN USA, SO FAR… ENERGY + BITCOIN MOST LOGICAL YE STRATEGIES _While Delta-plus (AY.4.2) needs to be watched, not an issue for USA currently _Outbreak. info, a group dedicated to tracking...

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