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Fri February 3

GOLDEN CROSS APPROACHES The golden cross is a commonly used technical indicator. It is characterized by the intersection of two moving averages, where a short-term average crosses above a long-term average. The most commonly used moving averages are the 50-day and 200-day. This crossover pattern...

Golden Cross Approaches and JPEGs Come to Bitcoin

Mining Companies May Be Catching a Bid

After an impressive $749 million was raised last week, funding totals came back down to earth to $228 million. Zero-carbon Bitcoin mining company TeraWulf completed a $32 million public equity sale, representing the largest deal of the week. Additionally, mining company Pow. re completed both a Series A and Strategic...

  • Crypto Concepts
Wed February 1

Meme Coins

WHAT IS A MEME? A meme is defined by Webster’s New World College Dictionary as “a concept, belief, or practice conceived as a unit of cultural information that may be passed on from person to person, subject to influences in a way analogous to natural selection.” Memes have always existed...

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Wed February 1

ImmutableX Announces Web3 Passport and Blackrock Increases Stake in Silvergate

Crypto and traditional markets consolidated ahead of today's FOMC meeting at 2 pm EST. The market is currently pricing in a 98.7% chance of a 25 bps rate hike according to CME Group's Fed Watch tool. $BTC and $ETH are down 0.57% and 0.70%, respectively, and SPX and NDQ are...

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Tue January 31

Binance and Mastercard Team Up in Brazil, Celsius was Running a Ponzi Scheme

The $SPY (+0.70%) and $QQQ (+0.82%) are rallying today following the latest Employment Cost Index (ECI) release, which showed continuing deceleration of wage growth, reducing the risk of a wage-price spiral that could keep inflation persistently higher. Crypto markets are following suit, with $BTC rising 1.30% and $ETH rising 1.65%,...

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Mon January 30

Funds See Major Inflows, Mining Difficulty Reaches New ATH

The $SPX (-0.8%) and $NDQ (-1.3%) slid on Monday morning as investors prepare for a stacked week of earnings and critical events on the economic calendar. Over 20% of the S&P 500 companies will report their earnings this week, including General Motors and McDonald's on Tuesday, followed by tech companies...

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Fri January 27

Hitting the Debt Ceiling and the Buy Button

BACK TO LIFE If you were 100% deployed on January 1st and decided to lock in your returns for the year, frankly, we wouldn’t blame you, especially not after the carnage witnessed last year. However, as we discussed last week, we view this current rally as a sign of more...

Mining Funding Comes Back from the Dead

For the first time in over a year, we’ve seen mining dominate crypto funding, comprising $625M of this week’s $746M of funding. There were two mining deals, Core Scientific and Blockstream, which received $500M and $125M, respectively. This heavy funding in mining caused total funding this week to skyrocket from...

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Fri January 27

FTX Releases Creditor List, Aave Clears CRV Bad Debt

Markets are reacting favorably to signs of cooling inflation. This morning, the Commerce Department announced spending by US households decreased by 0.2% MoM, with PCE (Fed's current preferred gauge of inflation) rising 5% in December (vs. 5.5% in November). December Core PCE rose 4.4% (vs. 4.7% in November), growing at...

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Thu January 26

dYdX Postpones Token Unlock, Moonbirds Founder Kevin Rose Hacked

Stocks are reacting positively to this morning’s U.S Q4 GDP release, which showed GDP grew 2.9% annualized, beating Dow Jones’ 2.8% estimate. The S&P was up 0.27%, while the Nasdaq gained 0.74%. Although the growth rate slowed compared to Q3, the beat above expectations gives bulls additional ammo in their...

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Wed January 25

Injective Launches Ecosystem Fund and BlockFi Leaks Financials

After a bit of a correction last night, crypto markets remain largely flat on the day. $BTC is down 0.29% and $ETH is down 0.72%. Traditional markets have pulled back a bit as well, with SPX down 1.34% and NDQ down 1.88%. An interesting development we've seen over the past...