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Technical Strategy Video (Recorded Monday, October 11th): Key Takeaways Early Strength looks to have failed for US indices, and trends & momentum remain negative short-term for US Equity indices. SPX requires a move back over 4430 (SPX) but ideally 4465 to expect this weakness is...

“Dead-Cat Bounce”- More needed to think a low is In
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August 10

Delta wave might be the 'final wave' in 2021. Upgrading Financials from N to OW

Basically, Dr. Gottlieb is saying the current Delta variant is likely the last major wave of cases in 2021. This is different than what we saw in 2020, where the Northeast surge started in the Fall. And the plurality of our clients are also suggesting that they expect a renewed...

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June 11

Course correcting Epicenter --> downgrade Financials to N from OW, upgrade FANG from UW to OW

The news on COVID-19 remains mostly positive and in part, due to the effectiveness of vaccines.  And so far, even the more transmissible variants can be stopped/slowed by vaccines.  And thus, watching case trends in developed nations, which have far higher vaccine penetration, is a place to watch for trouble: -...

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May 27, 2020

Why JPMorgan Chase Shares Belong in Portfolios Post-COVID-19

I’ve noted in previous pieces that among investors the financials still rank low in the rally since March 23. Since then, the financials are up 30%, good for number nine among the eleven Standard & Poor’s 500 index sectors.  FSInsight, Bloomberg I’d like to give you our view on the...

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