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October 8

All eyes were on the job report this morning since the Fed has telegraphed publicly that the pace and breadth of recovery in the labor market would be a key indicator to help determine its timing on policy changes. The jobs report was indeed disappointing,...

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Fed Minutes Show Doves Still in Charge, Employment Key To Taper

The Fed minutes have been released, and they showed that the market interpreted previous actions in a more “hawkish” context than was warranted. The doves remain firmly in control despite what may have been a tactical victory for the hawks on inflation. There appear to be seven members who are...

FLASH: Fed Minutes Not Hawkish, Buy Recent Weakness

Bottom line:  There is a high likelihood that we are within 5-10bps for the low in 10-yr Treasury yields for now and the peak in the U.S. dollar, which should help propel the S&P 500 higher and provide tailwinds for my ongoing preferred positioning themes as stated below:  My work...

Fed Reverse Repo Facility Nears $1 Trillion In Use, Debt Ceiling Deadline Complicating Treasury Markets

There has been some anomalous behavior in treasury markets lately, perhaps best exemplified by the record set Wednesday when a total of $992 billion was parked in the Fed’s Reverse Repo facility where counterparties like large MMFs and other big market participants can park their cash with the US Central...

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June 25

What FOMC Meeting? Fed Stress Tests Show Stable Banks

The consternation over the Federal Open Market Committee meeting last week seems about as a relevant as yesterday’s papers. The week began and finished strong, with the S&P 500 twice touching a new all-time-high. Rates appeared greatly subdued by the sweet nothings whispered into its ear by the Fed. The...

What the Fed, inflation, tapering & rising rates could mean for the price of Bitcoin

After bottoming on bad news a week ago, Bitcoin and crypto had been rallying heading into yesterday’s Fed meeting, but crypto markets fell slightly alongside other major asset classes following the Fed policy statement, and have remained roughly flat this morning. Source: Fundstrat, Bloomberg The Federal Reserve spooked some market...

Fed Gets Reprieve With “Goldilocks” Jobs Number

The goldilocks zone is a term that has cross-mutated to the common vernacular from the advanced fields of astrobiology and advanced astronomy. It refers to a planet so positioned like Earth where it is neither so hot that water will evaporate or so cold that it will freeze, thus giving...

Worries of Fed Policy Error Rising, Powell Opines On Crypto

The pressures are certainly rising on the Federal Reserve to respond to what looks like potentially significant inflationary forces in the economy and the fears of a policy error also appear to be rising with it. Larry Summers was a serious once-candidate (Yellen beat him) for Federal Reserve Chairman who...

Fed Words and Actions Under Microscope After CPI Reading

Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell did ask for more inflation publicly many times. The old adage be careful what you wish for comes to mind. The reading was true surprise, not a slightly higher reading than expected. There is no doubt that some of this is transitory as the Fed...

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