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To me, this is positive for equities.  After all, if interest rates are stabilizing, this reduces the "tail risk" for equity markets.  It was in March when many pundits were talking about 10-yr soaring to 4%-plus within 12 months and how this would crush equity...

Index level alert - SPX challenging a key trend support level at its 15-dma
  • Tom Lee's Equity Strategy
September 13, 2019

Fundamental equity managers want to know…what’s up with these violent rotations?

I just completed a two-day roadshow meeting with our institutional investor clients in Boston/ Providence. The good news is that I found multiple instances where my fundamental equity long-only clients widened their YTD relative performance in the month of August (they bought the dip!). But a few issues seemed to...

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  • Technical Strategy
August 2, 2019

Another look back at 2016 as a guide through Q3 weakness

This week’s market sell-off on renewed tariff concerns has understandably alarmed investors to reduce risk and seek safety. However, what I find interesting technically is that this risk-off move continues to track the 2016 market cycle surprisingly well and suggests the correction window will likely be short-lived. As readers here...

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The Fed Cut and Trump Tariff are fueling the "asset light" trade

It seems these days the markets are a broken record. The latest, confusing Fed cut (was it dovish? hawkish? we think somewhere in between), coupled with Trump’s latest tariff announcement and a 2.4% drop in the S&P 500 over two days is a scenario that should no longer surprise markets....

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