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Click HERE to access the FSInsight COVID-19 Daily Chartbook. We are shifting to a 4-day a week publication schedule: Monday Tuesday Wednesday SKIP THURSDAY Friday STRATEGY: Equity markets “de-equitize” faster in 2021 = upside + $3.2T dry powderThere are central views about markets and among the most accepted of these is that underlying inflationary conditions...

Equity markets de-equitize faster in 2021 = upside + $3.2T dry powder
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Another look back at 2016 as a guide through Q3 weakness

This week’s market sell-off on renewed tariff concerns has understandably alarmed investors to reduce risk and seek safety. However, what I find interesting technically is that this risk-off move continues to track the 2016 market cycle surprisingly well and suggests the correction window will likely be short-lived. As readers here...

Fundamental equity managers want to know…what’s up with these violent rotations?

I just completed a two-day roadshow meeting with our institutional investor clients in Boston/ Providence. The good news is that I found multiple instances where my fundamental equity long-only clients widened their YTD relative performance in the month of August (they bought the dip!). But a few issues seemed to...

The Fed Cut and Trump Tariff are fueling the "asset light" trade

It seems these days the markets are a broken record. The latest, confusing Fed cut (was it dovish? hawkish? we think somewhere in between), coupled with Trump’s latest tariff announcement and a 2.4% drop in the S&P 500 over two days is a scenario that should no longer surprise markets....

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