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December 13, 2021

Technical Strategy Video: https://vimeo. com/656355183/a3e0c287d2 Equity index trends remain largely in consolidation mode and important to hold SPX 4612, QQQ-387.60 to avoid a selloff ahead of the Christmas holidayDefensives taking center stage, yet again with groups like Utilities, REITS, Staples leadingHealthcare remains one bright...

Biggest S&P Reversal since February- What’s Next?
  • Daily Technical Strategy
November 15, 2021

Defensives outperform as Yields, USD push higher ahead of Infrastructure Bill signing

Technical Strategy Video: https://vimeo. com/646229653/aaf1102f42 Trends, momentum remain bullish, and despite Monday’s minor dip, additional strength looks likely back to new highs for $SPX, $NDX, $DJIATreasury yields and US Dollar both strengthened ahead of Infrastructure Bill signing. Gains in both look to continue this week, although should prove short-livedDefensive...

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July 26, 2019

Swap Exposure to Cyclicals From Safety Stocks...NOW

It’s time for investors to position their portfolios for the change in leadership just beginning to take hold, and this means increasing exposure to the right sectors and groups in 2H19 and well into 2020. There is a burgeoning evidence of a market rotation away from safety stocks, such as...

'Hated' Rally of 2019 Faces Crucial FOMC Meeting Week

As just about anyone who isn’t living under a rock expects, the U.S. Federal Reserve Board is set to cut the Fed funds rate next Wednesday (for more on this see page 6). My anecdotal sense in talking with clients is that they are focusing on the last two rate...