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Fri July 19, 2019

Drama on Fiscal Cliff; Congress Takes Aim at Libra

After a week of sharp partisanship focused on President Donald Trump’s harsh comments towards four left-leaning Democratic House representatives, the substantive focus remains the efforts of Congressional leaders and the Administration to find a resolution to the fiscal cliff that could be reached as early as the first week of...

  • US Policy
Fri July 12, 2019

Debt Ceiling Deadline Looms; UK-Iran Standoff in Gulf

President Donald Trump continues to push the envelope on partisanship with the reported roundup of illegal immigrants as early as this weekend. As this takes place, tensions are growing over the need to increase the debt ceiling, which if not accomplished, could pose serious problems for federal government finances this...

  • US Policy
Fri May 24, 2019

As Summer Begins, Debt Ceiling, Budget Issues Loom

In the coming weeks and months, the highest priority for Congress and the Trump Administration will be to find a resolution to the stalemate on the U.S. debt ceiling, which was hit last March. Congress and the Administration must break the impasse by raising the ceiling before about August or...

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