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Bitcoin rallies off ~$30k support again but crypto remains in a choppy market Crypto is still in a doldrums of summer as many investors have taken a sell in May and go away approach. We think these combined factors below are partially why crypto remains in a choppy market environment for now: -Institutional investors taking...

Bitcoin rallies off ~$30k support again; crypto outlook remains choppy for now; macro picture softening; Delta variant may help alleviate a key risk for crypto (Fed tapering); Fidelity institutional survey highlights the big picture opportunity

Crypto Still Consolidating 1H-21 Gains During Slower Summer Months But Mining Stocks & On-Chain Data Offer Some Positive Early Signs

In our first crypto weekly of 2H 2021, we dive into the following: Crypto Had Strong 1H vs. Global Assets Despite Volatility Bitcoin Still Consolidating After Sell In May & Go Away Correction Bitcoin Trading Volume Down As Market Enters Summer Doldrums Ethereum Resuming Outperformance vs. Bitcoin After Recent Pause...

Crypto prices could be volatile over the weekend and taking off some risk or buying some protection might not hurt

As our clients know, we are long term bullish on crypto. As recent as this Wednesday, we held our Mid-Year 2021 Crypto Outlook call and discussed macro factors that lean towards medium term bullishness as well. But, over the coming weekend, we might be inclined to take some risk off...

Unpopular opinion --> We expect stable/rising prices. Setup for Bitcoin and crypto is "less bad" into the weekend = good.

_PS: HOW DOES BITCOIN SPILL OVER INTO EQUITIES?_ These crypto sell-offs have potential impacts on equity and broader markets, for several reasons: - many US crypto holders also own equities (ala Robinhood) - Bitcoin futures are traded by macro funds, hence, drawdowns/limit down moves impact macro markets - Bitcoin has become somewhat loosely connected to the equities, because both are "risk-on" assets -- more apparent these days

Crypto Chat: May 2021 Recent Events with David Grider

With so many recent events in May 2021, has anything affected David’s thesis on crypto? Carrie Presley chats with David Grider, FSInsight’s Lead Digital Asset Strategist, to get insight on crypto current events.

Crypto Chat: Forced Selling with David Grider

David simplifies how liquidation through forced selling is currently affecting crypto markets. Carrie Presley chats with David Grider, FSInsight’s Lead Digital Asset Strategist, to get insight on current events in crypto.

Crypto Cross-Corr. Proves Retail Rise, More Sideways Action

The S&P 500 closed at 4,155.86 down from 4,173.85 last Friday. The day started stronger and markets peaked at intraday high of 4,188.72 on Friday before fading into the close. Yet again, that differential masks a much bumpier ride in between. It was just another manic Wednesday this week. Another...

Crypto Strategy: Bitcoin $100k target intact; corporate buyers offer surprise catalyst; Ethereum growing into our $10k target; crypto market on pace to hit $5T

In this week’s crypto strategy note we discuss: Bitcoin rebounding from a healthy cooling off period last week as the macro backdrop remains accommodative & bull market remains intact Even if Facebook didn’t buy Bitcoin, corporates are coming, and it may not be reflected in earnings announcements yet Remaining overweight...

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