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Sometimes a worldwide disease outbreak matters to investors. And sometimes it just doesn’t. Forgive me for being facetious in the face of this serious health issue. But the market’s gyrations and recovery in the face of the spreading concern could stump even the most seasoned market watcher or investor. Last week U.S. equities returned to...

Stocks Run to Record Highs Despite Coronavirus Spread

Coronavirus Spread Could Push Market Towards Correction

There are recent market factors that are giving global investors some pause about the durability of this nearly 11-year old bull market, and I can sympathize somewhat. However, please don’t call me a bear. I think that despite the potential for an up to 10% or so correction, the bull...

  • US Policy
Jan 24, 2020

Impeachment Saga Again Dominates Policy and Politics in DC

With the ongoing impeachment trial and minute by minute news headlines, it is hard for investors to break through to the other important issues, which are sidelined while the House managers argue their case to the Senate. Given the GOP numbers in the Senate and a needed 2/3 majority for...

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