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April 11

:Congress passes legislation stripping Russia of favorable trade treatment with US.Fed telegraphing 50bps rate hike in May.Midterm elections: House likely to flip, Senate tight races, first look at PA. Congress has gone home for two weeks for the Easter/Passover break.  With Congress out of town...

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February 22

Congress on recess with busy month of March ahead, Ukraine dominates news

The world is focused on Putin’s Made in Russia Ukraine crisis.  Russia has leverage provided by its role in providing oil and gas to Europe, it will be seen in coming days what impact the crisis has on global energy markets. Is diplomacy over to resolve crisis?  Is the support...

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February 18

Congress Takes Break Before Budget Push

Congress was faced with the threat of a government shutdown today if no action was taken on a Continuing Resolution (CR) to keep government funds flowing.  Before it went home for the Presidents Day break the House had passed a three-week extension of government spending running until March 11.  The...

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February 14

Big week for Powell and government budget

The Fed is going to be front and center this coming week as talk about rate increases continues and the Senate Banking Committee is scheduled to vote on the nominations for Powell to be chair and three other candidates to fill vacancies on the Board.   March 15/16 meeting of...

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January 31

Fed prepares to move, Congress returns

FOMC met, took no action, but again telegraphed March increase.  How many increases up to economy: pundits range 4 to 7.Fed policy surprise vs telegraph. Atlanta Fed Pres Bostic poses possible 50bps increase.  Fighting inflation Volcker surprised with increase of 250bps, lots of examples for Powell and team to look...

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January 24

Congress takes break, Democrats look to restart

Fed meets this week, Tuesday and Wednesday, final opportunity to telegraph policy change in March. Chair Powell should be confirmed by Senate prior to March meeting.Democratic agenda in tatters with death of voting rights bills and Biden’s Build Back Better $1.75T legislation.  What next?February 18 deadline for funding federal government...

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October 18, 2021

Congress returns, Biden agenda languishes and deadlines loom

Congress passed debt ceiling increase, new “drop dead” date on default hard to estimate.Biden agenda continues to be stymied by disagreements between Democrats: progressives vs moderates. Pelosi needs to work out a deal with Senate as she doesn’t want swing district members to vote on programs that die in the...

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September 10, 2021

Many Big Decisions For Congress Are Approaching

With Labor Day in the rear-view mirror, Congress will be returning to Washington and they have a very full agenda that includes Budget Reconciliation, infrastructure, government funding and the debt ceiling. Next week the headlines are likely to fall on the House Ways and Means Committee where they will start...

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April 9, 2021

Biden’s Budget And Infrastructure Welcomes Congress Back

After the Easter/Passover break Congress returns next week with the legislative focus on President Biden’s proposed budget, and the continuing discussion of a large infrastructure bill. On Friday the Biden Administration released the outline of its budget recommendations. Democrats have long complained that too much federal spending was going towards...

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November 15, 2019

Congress Expected to Pass Temporary Budget by Nov. 21

Thursday, November 21, is the deadline for Congress to pass legislation to ensure that there is no government shutdown. It is widely expected that Congress will pass another Continuing Resolution (CR) to keep funding at current spending levels. As is often the case in Washington under President Trump, there is...

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October 4, 2019

Impeachment Fever, Trade Talks; DC In Full Circus Mode

Impeachment fever has taken over Washington, D.C., but the business of governing is attempting to proceed around town. The big news next week will be the arrival of a high-level Chinese trade negotiating team. Figure the market will hang on every word, sorry, make that tweet, that comes either from...