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Monday’s bounce looks similar to the bounce from early May, and insufficient evidence of trend improvement is present which would suggest a meaningful low is in place.China, and specifically, Chinese Tech might offer relative outperformance vs US Tech between now and July.WTI Crude looks to...

China could offer relative outperformance vs US Tech

China ending Shanghai lockdowns sigh of relief and further alleviating downside pressure on stocks

WEBINAR ALERT: 5/19 AT 2PM ET FOR FSINSIGHT MEMBERS We are delighted to announce we are hosting a webinar with Tom DeMark, founder of DeMark Analytics.Equities have been in a relentless downturn since the start of 2022.While valuations have become considerably more attractive, and sentiment rock bottom, investors are still...

  • Daily Technical Strategy
November 11, 2021

China bottoming out, Attractive to buy ahead of Winter Olympics 2022

Technical Strategy Video (Recorded Thursday, November 11th): https://vimeo. com/644990540/0a21a744d5 China slowly but surely bottoming out, and recent stabilization bodes well for buying into Chinese Equities ahead of Beijing 2022 Winter OlympicsTechnology stocks in China look relatively attractive vs US Technology; While this trend is just starting to turn up,...

  • Crypto First Word
September 24, 2021

China Bans Crypto... Again

Crypto markets sell-off following regulatory news out of China, as the PBoC released a document laying out its intentions for stricter regulation and enforcement measures on crypto.This is not the first time China has “banned” crypto (and probably won’t be the last). Historical price movement post-ban is mixed.This news might...

  • Crypto Weekly
May 20, 2021

China crypto ban made the sell-off worse, but PBOC balance sheet growth matters more than posturing and is not the only key market driver - rally remains intact

In our crypto flash Monday night, we laid out 9 reasons we thought Bitcoin was close to a bottom around $40k. But yesterday crypto markets went for a wild ride. We got yet another sharp move lower below $30k but have since bounce back and are now at $41k.  Part of this...

  • US Policy
December 6, 2019

U.S.-China Tariff, Budget Resolution Deadlines Loom

It appears that ebb and flow of the U.S.-China trade talks continues to be the issue which markets focus on, while investors largely ignore the back and forth on the potential impeachment of President Donald Trump by the House of Representatives. Impeachment seems to be a side show for markets,...

  • US Policy
October 4, 2019

Impeachment Fever, Trade Talks; DC In Full Circus Mode

Impeachment fever has taken over Washington, D.C., but the business of governing is attempting to proceed around town. The big news next week will be the arrival of a high-level Chinese trade negotiating team. Figure the market will hang on every word, sorry, make that tweet, that comes either from...

  • Signal from Noise
August 29, 2019

Soybeans Won't Cost Trump in 2020, but Auto Tariffs Might

By Vito J. Racanelli, August 29, 2019 There’s a narrative in markets—fueled by headlines—that soybean farmers could cost President Donald Trump the 2020 election. I beg to differ. He might indeed lose the election, but it won’t be the beans. In trade wars and headlines, facts sometimes get in the...

  • US Policy
August 23, 2019

Trump Bashes China, to Meet Abe at G-7 Meeting

The main driver of markets the entire past week was the long-anticipated remarks at Jackson Hole by Federal Reserve Board chairman Jerome Powell. As has happened before, Powell disappointed many investors who expected a more dovish stance. In the event, he repeated a commitment to maintain the US economy and...

  • US Policy
August 9, 2019

Trump Shoots From the Lip; China Trade Talks to Resume in Fall

With Congress currently out of session, the nation’s attention was squarely on the terrible mass shootings in El Paso, TX, and Dayton, OH. Nevertheless, markets were focused on President Donald Trump and his important decisions with respect to the ongoing trade war with China. In the previous week, the President...